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Ivens - The Horror!

Author: Darryn King
Thursday, 20 September 2007
He was a young hip hop fan who grew up with an older sister who listened to punk and hardcore. Rather than retaliate, Ivens learned to appreciate - and then incorporate. 3d’s Darryn King heard his story.

What was it like growing up with the sounds of punk and hardcore coming through your wall- Was it ever irritating or did you quickly learn to appreciate it-
No it was never irritating, if anything I’d say I learned to appreciate it more. I mean I was a fan of punk before hip hop. It was through my sister I was introduced to hip hop music. I was more or less listening to both rap and punk music simultaneously at one stage. I was quite young at the time. It was when I got older that I had a better understanding of what both genres were about and what they stood for.

So how are your tracks - music and lyrics - influenced by your having absorbed so much of that music-
I would say quite a bit. During the making of this album I wasn’t really listening to hip hop music. I was listening to everything else but hip hop, but I get influences from all over. A lot from film, books, people. More or less just living today in our times.

We also hear that your live performances resemble ‘hardcore punk gigs’ in atmosphere… Do you find that you have a different audience because of this different angle-
Friends of mine who play in punk / hardcore bands have said they actually really like my stuff. I definitely take a lot from the stage presence of those types of bands, and even groups like Def Wish Cast and Muph and Plutonic. They have that live band energy which makes for a great performance.
The way I see it is people are there to see you put on a show. Not stand in one spot with your hand in your pocket. I guess I try and translate that same energy into my own shows, but I’m sure some people might think I’m a little too intense.

There certainly is a very dark edge to your music - lyrically, what do you find most interesting to write about-
Well this album more or less is about the problems in the world that will all help contribute to the end of it.
In these ‘scary times’, do you think it’s still important to maintain a sense of humour through it all-
For sure, you can’t take life too seriously all the time. I learned that the hard way!

Finally, you’re into horror movies aren’t you-
Yeah that’s all I watch: horror, sci-fi and psychological thrillers.
I don’t have one favourite but here is a list of what is in front of me:
Evil Dead; Suspiria; Zombie; White Zombie; The Haunting; The Shining; The Thing; Psycho; Carnavul of Souls; American Werewolf in London; Taste the Blood of Dracula.
I have more. These are ones I have recently watched or am about to watch. I have been a fan of horror movies since I was a kid. I can’t get enough. My mum thinks it’s unhealthy.

WHO: Ivens
WHAT: Sounds to Expire to out through Obese / plays Hopetoun with Plutonic Lab, DJ Perplex, Brass, Chasm and more
WHEN: Out now / Saturday 29 September