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Jack's Top 10 Albums Of 2007

Author: Jack Tregoning
Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Jack Tregoning, editor of the 3D World Summer Festival Guide, bangs out his Top 10.

Bjork – Volta: Far from her finest work, but there’s probably no other voice in music that thrills me like Bjork’s.
Ewan Pearson – Fabric 35: Such a demure gent, such a muscular mix. For mine, Fabric 35 sums up all that is good about house and techno right now. 
Junior Boys – This Is Goodbye (re-release with remix disc): Whack a remix disc on my favourite album of 2006 and bingo, you’re in the 2007 list! It helps that the remixes are little gems all of their own.
Dixon – Body Language Vol. 4:
A shimmering, seductive return to the warm centre of house music.
Sebo K - Back Up Vol. 1: Sure, there’s nothing all that risky about this disc, but Sebo K has managed to weave all the best bits of ‘new’ deep house into a taut, immersive mix that keeps drawing me back in.  
Matthew Dear – Asa Breed: His equally impressive album as False was simply titled 2007, and Matthew Dear did indeed rule the past 12 months. Asa Breed shows there’s much, much more to the man than laptop techno. 
Amy Winehouse – Back To Black: Listening to this album makes me a lot happier than looking at its creator fall about the streets of Camden. The good kind of pop music. 
Burial – Untrue: Yeah, yeah, so it’s the token dubstep inclusion, but this lo-fi masterpiece has bass that you actually feel.
Gui Boratto – Chromophobia: The most complete, and re-listenable, electronic artist album I heard all year. This and Supermayer’s Save The World set Kompakt apart from 2007’s deluge of soulless, k-hole minimal (I’m looking at you m_nus!).