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James De La Cruz - Since Cruz Been Gone

Author: 3D
Thursday, 4 October 2007

James De La Cruz. Yep, he was in the Avalanches. Nope we haven’t heard from them in a while either. But Senor Cruz will be live on stage at sounds in the ground next month so 3D thought it was about time to find out what he’s been up to.
You seem to pop up once or twice a year for a gig then disappear again – what occupies you in the spaces between publicised DJ sets-
I do do gigs around Oz and overseas. I also knit scarves, work a full time job, write music, film stuff and reminisce about being 16 again, chroming it up. And if you’re wondering, I’m still shit hot.

Please excuse the requisite question about the Avalanches, but are you still in contact with any of them- Any inside word on their long, long, long awaited sophomore record-
I also reminisce about the good old days in the band – that’s probably why I haven’t progressed. The last time I spoke to them was three yrs ago. I saw them in some magazine and they look really old with grey hair. I still look pretty.

Are there any particular DJs or bands in Sydney who are interesting you at the moment-
DJs no, only because a lot of them download and don’t buy because they’re cheap. There’s a whole thing with buying records – you go shopping and you meet other guys interested in music and you share stories.  You may discuss artwork and debate about why Kanye’s album is so good or so crap. You pick up records, you check to see if they’re warped, you buy needles and so on. You go to your secret store or market. I went to my weekly stash sometime ago and I happened to meet a guy who was selling LPs from his house – I went there and it was freaky… records everywhere, three cats, pans on a table and shit everywhere. It turned out he used to own a record store with his brother and had thousands of records that I only had a glimpse of. I ended up picking up 90 records for 60 bucks! I kinda ripped him off and he hasn’t let me back to his house since but man, you can’t get this from computer files. Bands- I like Torch Le Monde – Simon and Bobby are hot. Mercy Arms too!

You’re playing Sounds in the Grounds at Sydney Uni – what’ll you be packing in your record bag for the set-
Just wait and see.

WHO: James Dela Cruz
WHAT: Plays Sounds In The Ground at Sydney Uni
WHEN: Friday 2 November