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Jehst - The Mengi Bus Is Coming

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Thursday, 4 October 2007
Having grown up in post-industrial yorkshire, Jehst knows how to hit hard. 3D’s Carlisle Rogers caught up with him.

Jehst is heading to Oz in October alongside Micall Parknsunn and DJ Konny Kon. He’s just released a new mixtape in the UK titled The Mengi Bus Mixtape on his own YNR label, mixed by DJ IQ and hosted by Sir Smurf Lil.
“The whole story of the Mengi Bus is an in joke among all of us. It’s a reference to the tour bus and the madness that goes on in it. There’s some Huddersfield slang going on there that doesn’t really translate outside of the postcode. It’s like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest when they’re all in the bus and they drive off to go fishing. It’s that kind of thing. Everyone on the bus is not quite with it, in their own special world.
“It’s a mix of unreleased tracks, remixes, exclusives, some things I’ve produced for different people. That’s a proper old school cut and paste mix tape. That has just dropped over here. We’re trying to get that officially released in Australia. I’m not sure what’s happening now… whether the deal went ahead. Worst case, I’ll be dragging some copies with me for the shows there. I’m just trying to keep people interested while I get the album wrapped up.”
The DJ for the Australian tour, Konny Kon, usually spins decks for Manchester outfit Broken English, who have an album out now called Subject 2 Status on Fat City Records. “We’ve been down with them guys for a long time. We’ve known those guys and rolled together for a long time. IQ was lined up for Australia and couldn’t make it, so I got Konny to do it. You know when you see American artists and they always have the DJ on the mic hyping the crowd up and doing a few backups, there’s a lot more of that showmanship. I thought, I know Konny can hold it down on that level. You’re not going to see any crazy DMC routines, but he’s definitely going to rock the place.”
Jehst says he’ll definitely play a lot of his classic material, stuff from Return of the Drifter and Falling Down. “I want to try to incorporate a lot of the tracks that people will know and get into, but I want to play some new stuff as well. Me and Parky got a couple of collabo joints we’re going to want to drop. I’m definitely going to bring a lot of new stuff. It’s difficult when you do a lot of shows, because you want to perform new stuff because it’s more interesting for you as the performer, and it’s good to give the crowd a taste of some new stuff, but at the same time you could lose the crowd if you move too far away from familiar ground. People always want to hear the classics. When you go to a show and the artist comes out and does a couple of tunes he’s known for and then he launches into a load of new material, the crowd doesn’t know what to do with themselves because they’ve never heard it before and they don’t know it and they can’t sing along.”

WHO: Jehst
WHAT: Plays Manning Bar @ Sydney Uni
WHEN: Thursday 11 October