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John Course - Still On Course

Author: 3D
Monday, 5 November 2007
John Course is one of the most recognisible names in the Australian dance scene largely thanks to his ongoing commitment to mixing the Ministry of Sound Annual and this year he's back behind the decks for the MOS team. 3D had a word.

This is your fifth year straight that you have been chosen to mix the Ministry of Sound Annual - how has the sound changed in those five years-

I guess it always changes with the flavour of the music that is happening. So there are some tougher more electro based things on this one, and lots of vocals and big room things.

Do you get to choose all the tracks featured on your disc, or are there certain big tunes that have to get a play regardless-
I think the success of any CD series is to understand what it is about, and the Annual is always about the biggest tunes of the summer. So when I think about what should be on there I don't go double-checking my favourite underground tunes, I generally check my favourite new and latest big house tracks and take it from there.

How does your mix differ in style, tone and genre to Goodwill's selections-
Goodwill's is a bit more eclectic and underground. Because I play a lot of vocal stuff there are a lot of those tunes on my disc. And when you mix a CD with somebody else, tracks have to go to one or the other, so if I played 25 percent of Wills tracks live when I DJ and he played 25 percent of my ones, it's still likely that for the flow of the CD I would get the ones that sat better with my majority (the big room and vocal house things). For instance, we swapped John Dhalback's Everywhere off my disc and onto Will's in return for I Found You by Axwell. I love both and play both, but for the mix, they fitted better how they are now.

Has mixing the Annual given your national profile a boost- For instance, if you're touring and playing a pub out the back of Bourke, do the punters know who you are-
Yeah, definitely… Maybe even more so [with] Sessions because it actually has a photo of me. But there is no doubt that mixing some of the most popular CDs released every year raises awareness for you as a DJ.

WHO: John Course
WHAT: Ministry of Sound: The 2008 Annual through EMI / Ministry of Sound All Night Warehouse Party at Hordern Pavillion and The Dome
WHEN: Out now/ Saturday 1 December