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John Digweed - Dig It

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Thursday, 4 October 2007
John Digweed is about as big as it gets in the world of progressive house and trance. Good news is that we can expect him down under soon…ish. 3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse caught up with the british dj to talk about his latest album, Transitions 3.

You’re now up to the third instalment of Transitions. What is the idea behind the series-
It’s a current, biannual snapshot of my sets, usually on a single disc, though Vol. 3 has a bonus CD-ROM that contains an exclusive 25-minute extended mix of my new track Gridlock.

Musically the series has also represented a development as I’ve been working toward my peak-time sound, picking things up a little with each volume. I am not sure what we’re going to do with Vol. 4 – if I carry on like this I’ll be giving Coxy a run for his money!

Tell us a little more about Gridlock!
Nick Muir and I began work on this track and it grew to a whopping 25 minutes, so we hit upon the idea of setting it to exclusive, unseen footage I had from a Mayan show in L.A and releasing it as bonus disc (CD-ROM) with the album. We soon realised it would be a shame to only profile the extended album mix, so Nick and I went back into the studio to lay down two new, shorter versions more suited to clubs for a specific, single release that’s now coming out 22 October. I road-tested one of the mixes throughout my recent American tour and it was very rewarding to get such a great reaction from a crowd who didn’t yet know the track, let alone the fact it’s my latest offering.

You’re releasing the Transitions series through Renaissance. You have a long history with the club – can you tell us about your relationship-
Heritage is important in clubbing. As it develops and matures as a scene I think there’s an ever-growing respect for venues and brands that display longevity through maintaining a consistent, forward-thinking approach. This has always been one of my personal philosophies so I felt the time was right for us to come back together again for this series. I have a lot of input into Transitions as a radio show and, in this case, the compilation series; we’ve worked very hard together on it, which I hope comes across in the finished product(s).

Tell us a little about you radio show. How do you find hosting your own show compared to DJing clubs and festivals-
You can’t compare radio to DJing. I try to use the show to profile up and coming producers and DJs, so although it’s very much a reflection of myself, it differs wildly from the approach to my club or festival sets. Even then, clubs vs festivals requires two entirely different thought processes and, breaking it down further, clubs then have to be assessed on a more detailed, individual basis: is it a big or intimate space- How good is the sound system- Is the crowd responding- You have to constantly adapt to your environment as a gigging DJ where as the radio is a more structured, consistent platform to work off of.

What about other original Digweed material- Are you working on a single for the next European summer-
Possibly, stay tuned to or my message board at for all the latest info.

Finally, any plans to hit Australia soon-
Alas, not this side of 2007, but definitely in ’08 at some point.

WHO: John Digweed
WHAT: Transitions 3 / Gridlock both through Renaissance/EQ/Stomp
WHEN: Out now / Out 22 October