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Julius Papp - Et Tu, Julius-

Author: 3D
Friday, 14 December 2007
Joining Miguel Migs at the Argyle this new year’s eve is Julius Papp, a man with decades of experience. 3D has a chat.

How would you describe the differences between ’70s disco and disco of today-
Today’s disco is an extension of the original classic disco of the ’70s. Various hybrids have evolved from disco settling under its current guise of house music. Sub genres include deep house, techno house, progressive house and disco house to name a few. Disco house most reflects the classic disco sound because it mirrors its productions, which would generally feature strings, horns, sax, and Rhodes piano. However, disco also fused styles from different genres, like jazz and funk to the electronic sounds of Giorgio Moroder.

The early New York electronic scene is widely documented, but how was its counterpart in Montreal- What were the sounds driving the scene when you started out-
To a large degree, I would say the club scene in Montreal has always been influenced by New York – through trends and its underground sound. That would include the soulful sounds of the Paradise Garage, which was one of the staple underground clubs in NY from 1978-1987, to the more progressive sounds of New Wave that evolved through the ’80s.

You’re playing NYE in Sydney alongside Miguel Migs, with whom you also collaborate with for a San Francisco regular night called Salted. How did that come about- Have you guys been friends for some time-
Indeed, Miguel and I have been friends for several years and collaborate on a party. We are not traditional promoters, however, we felt it was important to offer an alternative night out for the patrons who enjoy our style of music – thus Salted party was formed.

You also play a retrospective night with Andy Caldwell. It must be fun spinning classics, and you must have an amazing catalogue between the two of you…-
Yes, programming a night of classic house music is quite fun and takes all of us back into house music history and puts a smile on our faces. Andy and I created this party simply to try something different one night and it turned out so well that we have done several more. It’s great to see people enjoying the classics!

What original projects are you working on at the moment-
In the upcoming year, I have several projects scheduled for release. However, just recently, I’ve had two full album releases. The first was just released this October and is a house music mix CD compilation, titled Get Large with Julius Papp on Large Music (Chicago). The mix includes tracks from Miguel Migs, Dennis Ferrer and Mateo & Matos amongst others. The second release just came out in November and is a digital-only release through various digital download sites and features my original down-tempo productions, titled Julius Papp Presents Lazydaze and released on my own NeoDisco Music label.

WHO: Julius Papp
WHAT: Plays NYE at the Argyle
WHEN: Monday 31 December