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Justin Martin - Justin Time

Author: Cyclone
Friday, 12 October 2007
San Francisco’s Justin Martin has a lot to be buzzing about lately. He has just compiled Buzzin’ Fly’s latest drop, Chaos Restored, is in Australia playing a rare few dates, and is producing some mad new tunes for his own label Dirty Bird. That said, he was still happy to take the time to chat with 3D’s Carlisle Rogers.

Martin says his tastes run the gamut, from deep house to dirty techno. Having a foot in each label, so to speak, his sets are hard to pin down, except that he’ll play the right thing at the right time.

“I think a good track is a good track,” he says from a poolside telephone somewhere in San Jose, “and there’s a time and a place for everything.  That’s what makes a good DJ – finding what’s appropriate for the time of night or the venue or the place. I’m into everything from Jimsta to Richie Hawtin… all across the board. I’m basically just a house music fanatic when it comes down to it. I like stuff that has nice melodies, but also has some nasty elements to it, some tweaked out stuff that makes you say ‘What the fuck was that-’”

Dirty Bird is his baby, alongside Barclay Crenshaw, Nigel Richards and Martin’s brother Christian. Five years old now, the label has time and again sustained its reputation as a stolid underground success.

“Dirty Bird has been killing it,” he says. “It started out as the four of us in San Francisco. We just wanted to start throwing outdoor parties around the San Francisco area. About that time Barclay started to get into making music and I had been making stuff. We wanted an outlet to put out some of our more fun tweaky stuff. It’s been going really well. Now we have all kinds of other artists who are jumping on board. The label has blown up and the parties have blown up. I love it because with Buzzin’ Fly I can put up some of my deeper stuff, whereas with Dirty Bird I can put out some of my edgier, quirky weird stuff.

Justin says the new compilation is quite simply a perfect reflection of what he’s doing on the dance floor these days.

“It’s just a bunch of tracks that I really liked from the summer,” he says. “Most of it is just coming out or will be when the CD drops. It reflects the sound of what I’m doing now  There are two originals of mine and two remixes of mine on there.”

WHO: Justin Martin
WHAT: Chaos Restored through Buzzin’ Fly/EQ/Stomp
WHEN: Out now