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Katalyst - Katalyst On A Hot Tin Roof

Author: 3D
Thursday, 8 November 2007
What’s happening with Katalyst- The simple answer is lots. His national tour kicks off this week and promises to be a visual and aural extravaganza, and local and international guests are practically queuing up to share the stage with him. 3D caught up with the man himself.

What’s Happening has been receiving some seriously glowing reviews. What were your thoughts prior to the album’s release, and how are you feeling about the record now-

I was feeling good about the album before putting it out and it’s always nice when your work is well received. One of the important things for me is for the artists involved to be happy with the end product. Everyone was really happy with the end product, I had amazing responses so that was cool.

On What’s Happening, and now for the album tour, you’ve got some enviable guest vocalists, including J-Live, Stephanie McKay and Steve Spacek, all internationals. How did you hook us with these guys-
It all came about differently for each person really.
I have worked with Stephanie McKay before on her first and second albums so that was my hook up with Steph. I just sent her the track to see if she was into it. She dug it, so we worked on the tune for a little bit then she put it down in NY and sent the vocals over.
J Live came out here touring and I got some time to chill with him and play him some stuff to see if he was into the project. He was feeling it so he took the beat back to NY and wrote to it. He killed it too. Took his time and let loose with a feriocious rap.
I was introduced to Steve. I thought his work, especially the track he did on his last album with J Dilla, was great. So I tried to come up with a heavy soul tune for him to write to.
So I hooked up with most of the guests through having met and worked together with them before and been fans of their work or vice versa. Like I said, everyone liked the album so when it was time to tour everyone was keen to be involved.

Any plans to head overseas yourself- What about an international release for What’s Happening-
I head overseas at the start of Dec to play at All Tomorrows Parties with Portishead in the UK. So that should be a great gig. And then go up London to meet the people from my new international label BBE. So the album is set to be released worldwide by them in March.

According to your publicity, each show will have a tailor-made, ‘choreographed visual montage’. Can you reveal a little more about this-

A friend of mine, Bernadette Murray, who edited my second clip, sat down with me and worked out what visuals would make a good clip for each track. Once we decided on footage she went about making a visual peice for each track on the album.

WHO: Katalyst
WHAT: Plays the Gaelic
WHEN: Saturday 17 November