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Kate Monroe - There's Something About Kate

Author: 3D
Monday, 26 November 2007
She’s the first lady of house and she’s coming to Candy’sApartment for Lookin’ Good. Of course, we’re talking about the infamous, lovelyKate Monroe. 3D had a chat.You’ve been in the business over a decade now andhave spun sets at some memorable events; what are some of your performancehighlights-So far my wholecareer has been unbelievable. I have been blessed with some of the best crowdsand the best locations that you can imagine. Frankly the best are right here athome; Lady Macquarie’s Chair for Harbour Party, front of the Opera House forNYE…how can you beat Sydney in the summertime- Oh maybe South BeachMiami, but…-So what made you decide that you wanted to startyour own house label-I am a controlfreak when it comes to my image and tunes and I had compromised a couple oftimes with the larger labels and decided it wasn’t something I was happy doing.It seemed a better choice to make all my own decisions and sell half the unitsbut love what I put together. Mat White made it to 3D’s top album charts for2006 so we must be doing something right.You’re currently working on a series of CDs for MAT– will these be samplers for the label- What is your aim for them-Currently ourfocus is on originals. I think there are far to many compilations out on themarket just now…a lot of it stuff you will never remember in two years. I wouldrather not be part of that. Once we have a catalogue of good quality house,homegrown and worldwide, we will set out for a compile but not until then.How did you get involved with hosting Out and About on Fox 8-I have doneradio and different hosting jobs as well as other shows for Fox 8 all the waythrough my career and it came about through that. Oddly enough Out and About has been re-signed for Fox8 and should be on soon – scary ’cause I’ve never actually seen myself on theepisodes ’cause I never had cable, but now I do…oh dear.When you’re not behind the decks, presenting onChannel V and Fox 8 or promoting your new label, where might we find Australia’sfirst lady of house-With mybeautiful girlfriend, our baby boy, and our dog. My family is my favouriteplace.So do you have a stack of fresh wax (or plastic)ready to be unleashed at Lookin’ Good!-You know that!WHO: Kate Monroe
WHAT: Plays Lookin’ Good at Candy’s Apartment
WHEN: Saturday 1 December