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Kaz James - Kaz Rocks His Body

Author: Rezo
Sunday, 25 November 2007
He shouldn’t need any introduction. It’s guaranteedthat you’ve wiggled your booty to a Kaz James-slash-Bodyrockerstrack at some stage. This time, he talks to 3D’s Rezo about his most recent project – mobile disco for the infamous OneLovefranchise.Why music and not teaching-Ha! I did a lotof music as a kid, I had one of those crazy hippy, arty-farty mums that got herkids to try everything, so I was in a choir for ages – I played keys andeven the trumpet for seven years! I got into being a DJ when I was 14 throughsome friends and I became fascinated with it – especially with scratching.I scored some gigs playing at under-age dance parties and by 17 I was playingat some big clubs even though it â€¨was illegal! Somehow I found myselfgetting away with it. By the time I was 18 I was playing at OneLove at thePrince in Melbourne and soon after started playing all overAustralia. I really also wanted to get intoproducing â€¨music so I hooked up with a mate of mine Panos, akaSupafly. This is where I made my first tune and slowly learnt the ropes.And what about Bodyrockers – how did that comeabout-Bodyrockersmerged through DJ Jason Herd actually. I used to tour
artists in Australia – not actually to make money from itbut to hang out and learn from them. So along the way I toured Jason Herdwho hooked me up with Dylan. A month later me and Dylan made I Like The Way You Move and then formedthe Bodyrockers. They where amazing times! We toured the world with a band andsold a shit-load of records. Since then we have moved on and actually made asecond album but decided that we both wanted to go down different paths inour lives and going on the road as Bodyrockers again for another three yearspromoting another album wasn’t what we wanted.OK, so what about your MobileDisco OneLove project-I’ve beenworking for OneLove for years – [I] mixed a CD in the past for them – sowhen they asked me I was like, ‘Yeah sure!’ I guess they like my mixes! Ibasically took my favourite tunes from the summer here in Europe and mixed them together. I triedand put them together like I’m playing. It starts in one direction and finishesin another.WHO: Kaz James
WHAT: Plays OneLove at Tank
WHEN: Saturday 1 December