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Ki-Mani - Show Me The Ki-Mani

Author: 3D
Thursday, 4 October 2007
There’ll be no lounging at Sunday Lounge this Sunday. 3D threw 10 questions to Kenya-born Ki-Mani ahead of his appearance there. He got straight to the point.

I fell in love with the Hip Hop in… 1998.

The first album I purchased for myself was… Three Feet High And Rising - Dela Soul

When I was growing up my parents listened to a lot of… Abba, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers.

My drink / poison of choice when out and about is…
Kahlua and Milk.

My ‘desert island’ three records would be… Common - I used to love her. No More - 3lw feat. Nas remix. When I See You - Fantasia feat Young Jeezy remix.

My most embarrassing musical phase was… dance music.
I have instant respect when people mention the name… Ninth Wonder and DJ Premier.

Music is… inspirational, my escape, my bread and butter.

In five years time I’ll be… in third world countries teaching kids to have dreams and pursue them.

I’d like to be remembered for… pushing the boundaries in Australia's club scene as well as making people understand the culture behind urban music.

WHO: Ki-mani, Mr Phat and guests Nick Toth, K-Note, Carl Alley, Normz, August, Mo, BB and more
WHAT: Sunday Lounge @ Golden Palace Hotel
WHEN: Every Sunday from Sunday 14 October