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Klaas - Heart Of Klaas

Author: Rezo
Sunday, 25 November 2007
Klaas Gerling hails from Germany.For electronic music, it is the land of the second coming, the Holy Grail ifyou will. Indeed, much of what is coming from there now is the cream of thecrop. And likewise, Klaas’ music is fluid, sexy and uplifting. And more thananything, he is super-hyped about getting to Australia.3D’s Rezo talked with him.Give us the run down – from young buck to where youstand now.I started atage seven playing drums and got into producing electronic sounds about eightyears ago. When I got older, I was into celebrating Germany’s house and techno clubs. I also beganwith several tech-house and trance productions. For around one and a half yearsI liked creating a rather rough electro-sound as well.What have you been up to in the studio recently-After finishingmy current release The Way, Iproduced several remixes like for the upcoming Scream & Shout release. Ialso did Swanky Tunes – No More Fearand [Armand Van Helden’s] My My Myfor Universal. I’m also working on a vocal track for release in the nearfuture.Is there an artist album in the offing-There is noalbum planned yet. We’ll see! It is important for me to produce something thatcan be played at a club, but also to experiment and add new elements to make itmy own – maybe even to reach people who don’t visit clubs!And what interesting things have been happening inyour travels-I think I’veseen a lot because I never went to sleep after a party but had a littlesightseeing tour in the morning. I often visit clubs outside Germany. A particular thing that I kept in mindwas those small lockable private rooms at Patipa in Kiew, where you could dowhatever you like. And that with a comfortable view through a window to thedancefloor – very special!And tell us about your inspirations andmotivations-Well, I’minspired of quite a lot of different music styles. At home I prefer to listento rather melancholic genres. I think it´s a good thing and especially achallenge to combine different musical styles in a way that works nowadays.It´s not so easy do create really cutting-edge elements for dance-tracks, whichwill work indefinitely. Currently I appreciate very much the work of producerslike Erick Prydz, Axwell, Sander Van Doorn amongst others, because of theirquality of production which I rate as pretty important concerningdance-productions.
WHO: DJ KlaasWHAT: Plays Floorgasm at Cabana BarWHEN: Thursday 6 DecemberMORE: