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Klute - Still Listening

Author: Darryn King
Thursday, 6 September 2007
Klute, aka english drum n bass/techno producer Tom Withers, is coming to Australia bringing his latest record The Emperor’s New Clothes with him. 3D’s Darryn King had a chat.

You started your music career as part of a skate punk band called The Stupids… quite a huge leap to what you’re doing now, right- How did your music evolve over this time-

I guess it is and it isn’t such a big leap – it was all just a journey of musical appreciation and participation. I floated from one to the other. I think the interface was using drum machines to make home demos with the punk stuff and I got used to the technology and became curious of the funky rhythms I could create. Also hip hop too.

Speaking of making music, you’ve been quoted as saying that, one day, you’d like to be able to look back and work out what it is you’re doing. Is the process of making music as mysterious as ever for you-
Yes, it’s always a mystery to me. I think that’s my main motivation – to make things that sound unfamiliar to me.

You grew up with your sister playing classical music – did you absorb any of that into your own style-

My sisters were into all kinds of music and a lot of that has certainly filtered into my music. Classical, rock and a lot of disco’s lush productions too.

A few years ago you released an album with the title, No One’s Listening Anymore… Do you think that applies to the music scene at the moment-

My use of the term No One’s Listening Anymore was kind of ambiguous. It was initially political in nature, at that time we were all being fed so much bullshit regarding the war etc, but then I realised it applied to music as well as all kinds of media. There’s almost too much for us all to absorb and sometimes I feel like we end up just brushing over things rather than take them in.

WHO: Klute
WHAT: Plays Break Inn at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Friday 14 September