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Konect-A-Dot - On The Dot

Author: 3D
Monday, 15 October 2007
Young indigenous Australian Konect-a-Dot is one of the star attractions of the Redfern Records label, which launches this week. He’s a firm believer in the maxim, ‘actions speak louder than words’, but 3D got some words from him anyway.

Your debut album, Define This, is due for release later this year - why did you choose this title-
I chose the title to let the public define for themselves their own interpretation of my music.

You’ve played the live circuit for a few years now, but how long has the album been in the making-
The album has taken three years to complete, because I wanted to ensure that lyrics in some of my songs reflect my lifestyle growing up as young indigenous man in a country town.
I have collaborated with other artists from around NSW on mix tapes in that time.

How much of your heritage do you infuse into your lyrics.
Some tracks on my album are not solely about my heritage but it does reflect life as young person growing up in Australia dealing with issues such as drugs, alcohol, youth suicide and other problems for young people.
I also believe non-indigenous people can be educated on the history of Aboriginal people, so I would hope that I can play a small part in this through my music by being a role model for not only young indigenous people but also non-indigenous.

In an interview this year, John Butler said that it was possible that an indigenous artist will be able to “change the face of Australian history”. Do you agree-
I agree with John Butler’s quote - we are capable of doing anything we put our minds to and music is a great medium for this.

You’ve been so busy this last couple of years, and you’ve only just turned 21. What are your plans for the future then, musically and personally-
Well I have just turned 21 years old and have achieved so much, but there is so much more I want to do, be content in life and hopefully be signed to a record label who enjoys my type of music.

WHO: Konect-A-Dot
WHAT: Define This / Redfern Records Launch @ Moulin Rouge
WHEN: Wednesday 17 October