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Luke Spellbound - A City Spellbound

Author: 3D
Thursday, 13 September 2007
Hardstyle DJ Luke Spellbound will be bigging up the tunes this weekend when he hits the entertainment centre to Rave The City. 3D asked him to choose five tracks that are sure-fire anthems.

System Shutdown – Luke Spellbound
This track is a definite big party stomper. The main breakdown features a massive hardcore bass drum that shakes the room no matter where it’s played. System Shutdown is one of my personal favourite productions as its creation was inspired by many different music styles.

Make Some Noiz – Luke Spellbound & The Mad Kiwi
Make some fucking noise for the hardstyle DJ! Make Some Noiz features vocals by myself in a massive global hardstyle shoutout! Representing Australian hardstylers everywhere, it is the first release of’s digital label Aussie Hardstyle Recordz. All you Aussie Hardstylers out there… make some fuckin’ noiz!

Bitches In Da Club – Luke Spellbound

For those who like it hard, this one is for you! This track bounces from start to finish giving you no time to rest. Bitches In Da Club features uptempo rap lyrics and a dirty XXX vocal, which sets the mood for the hard and nasty main melody.

Gateway 2 Hell – Dragan vs Luke Spellbound
The name says it all. I chose this track because of the energy it has. It is an evil tale of demons that live in the box! This track contains vocals from the movie Hellraiser, complete with slammin’ melodies, bouncy kicks, and an energy level that doesn’t quit. Then they come, the demons!

Underbelly of the Beast – Luke Spellbound
Over to the Italian hardstyle sound. Uplifting melodies, crazy percussion and an evil vocal sample that rips deep into your soul are what give this track the energy to go off on the dancefloor. People come and people go, but how many of them really stop to take at look at the underbelly of the beast-

WHO: Luke Spellbound
WHAT: Plays Rave The City at Sydney Entertainment Centre
WHEN: Sunday 30 September