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Lupe Fiasco in five

Author: Darryn King
Friday, 17 August 2007
He’s that Kick, Push guy, yeah-
For real, yo. Wasalu Jaco to his friends, Lupe Fiasco is to Jay-Z what Dave Chappelle is to Eddie Murphy.

Oy, hang about, whaddaya mean by that-
Well, Jay-Z discovered him and nurtured him, yeah- In fact, Lupe would have signed up to Jay-Z’s Def Jam Records if he hadn’t already started his own 1st and 5th Entertainment. Jay-Z did, however, give Lupe a hand in his production of Food & Liquor.  Lupe’s major influence for that album and general style, however, is widely known to be Nas, whose album It Was Written was the inspiration (some would say template) for Lupe’s album. As Lupe himself said, “Everybody that’s rapping studied someone to learn how to rap.”

What’s with the lyrics but- Nas never rapped about skateboarding, did he-
Well, possibly not - actually, lyrically, Lupe has very much set himself apart from other rappers. He once said, “If you ain’t making people think about themselves and what they doing to they community, then you ain’t on…!” So there’s definitely no straight-out raps about selling dope and shooting cops… Lupe’s out there repping something different than those peeps.

What about Lupe’s mum-
… That’s… an odd question… But, since you asked, Lupe’s mother is a gourmet chef and, as Lupe himself explained, “is on some real intelligent type deal”. Apparently when she cooked, back in the day, all the kids on the block came around for a whiff or a nibble…

So why you goin’ on about Lupe so much for-
Because he’s back! Yes, he thrilled audiences earlier on in the year, and MTV enlisted him to play a massive free show at Snow Park Resort in New Zealand over the weekend - fireworks and all. Sounds like a recipe for an avalanche to me… Anyway, you can catch this concert on MTV later on in the year, but you can catch Lupe in the flesh on Tuesday at the Forum! This show isn’t free, so obviously you’ll need to steal tickets from somewhere.

WHO: Lupe Fiasco
WHAT: Plays the Forum / appears on MTV’s Snow Jam
WHEN: Tuesday 21 August / early Sept