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MC Losty - Losty's Space

Author: Darryn King
Thursday, 20 September 2007
With Sublime picking up the best NSW club night again at the ITM50, we thought we’d pick MC Losty’s brain to find out what makes the club so great.

As the weekly MC at Sublime, you’re in a better position than most to answer this: what makes Sublime so popular week in and week out-

Sublime is an entry point into clubbing for a lot of people, you grow up going to raves or under 18s events, then you turn 18 and want to experience all that Sydney clubbing has to offer in one of Sydney’s iconic dance music venues, and rather then being told what to like and “what’s cool” you can venture around our massive club and try each room with each style and decide what you like best for yourself.

That in itself is what hooks a lot of people in: Sublime’s culture of diversity.
You might come to the club for one room and then wonder around and end up liking a new room as well, with a whole new style of music that you’ve been exposed to.

Personally, what genre is exciting you the most at the moment-
I cant pick one, I’m not that type of person. I’m like a musical octopus who’s suckers feed of multiple sources of creative energy – I need to enjoy more then one style at once at all times, thus why Sublime is perfect for me and what I do. Thus why my CD stacker in my car is sporting the new Staffords MOS, New Kayne and 50 Cent, classic Hendrix, Pantera, Metallica and, of course, some of my own stuff…

Do you need to take a different approach to MCing over different genres-
Of course, some music is built for MCing (electro, breaks, drum n bass, hard core, house, hip hop etc), some isn’t (trance, hardstyle etc), so you have to find where you fit into it, some times hype works with one type of music and its crowd and not with another. I attribute all the success and longevity I have achieved in my career to not over doing it, to listening to the DJs I work with and taking on the punters and promoters feed back.

An MC is there to add to the party, not be the “be all and end all” of it. I think the biggest mistake up and coming MCs make is not understanding this, not paying their dues, and being too concerned with image. Image is nothing without passion, respect, integrity and talent, its best to go get them before you go get a MySpace page and start introducing your self as MC Look@me to everyone in clubland.

WHO: MC Losty
WHAT: Roaming Sublime with his wireless mic
WHEN: Every Friday at Home