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Mampi Swift - Swift Music

Author: Phil Anim
Thursday, 20 September 2007
Mampi Swift (aka Phil Anim) is about to hit Australia for a drum n bass assault. 3d’s Rezo caught up with the English DJ / producer to find out what’s been happening in his neck of the woods.

“Well, actually I got a new car” he chimes when I ask him what’s new. “Oh, and yeah, being in my job of course!” Giggling away at a party or something (the noise in the background is very distracting) he also discusses the highly anticipated compilation album that is to be delivered sometime towards the end of the year. “It will be the best 10 years of Charge,” he says.

And no less, he has been learning more about music.

“I’ve been learning how to play the keyboard of all things; I want to get more focused on production and make it a bit more of a highlight,” he says. “I want it to cover my life in terms of where I’ve gotten too, what I’ve learnt in the last few years and what I’ve done over the last 10.”

A true drum n bass don, he won’t touch anything but a piece of vinyl.

“The dubs and the whites I play – these have to be delivered on record,” he says “It’s not me to play anything else and while I understand there are loads of arguments about why and what and whatever, I will always be a vinyl DJ.”

Nevertheless, fans can expect the Charge compilation to be delivered on CD also. There have been some delays in getting the right artists into the mix; “All this fucking around with artists thinking they weren’t getting what they were expecting from me but to the contrary I give them what they won’t get anywhere else,” he says. “So when that’s done it should be a nice piece of work.”

Unfortunately though, expect that and a solo album to wrap up one half of his career – production.

“I’m coming up to a pretty full-on stage in my life; it’s come to the point where it’s either the DJ or production side and I’ve decided it has to be the DJ side because I love it so much,” he reveals. “I’ve got a young son who I want to spend time with now and I want to have the benefit of seeing him grow up.

“Don’t worry though. The music will still be rocking. There’s some really good music still out there and you’re always going to get a section where I play stuff that is 10 years old or brand new. I’m coming out there to play the best and the freshest and if it’s out, I’ll be playing it. Musically, it will be a lot more developed.”

WHO: Mampi Swift and IC3
WHAT: Play Thumper at Hermann’s, Sydney Uni
WHEN: Thursday 27 September