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Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop - The Odd Couple

Author: Darryn King
Friday, 12 October 2007
Two turntables and a funky piano… a match made in heaven- 3D’s Darryn King believes the hype - Marc Hype, that is.

You’ve been in the biz for almost two decades now, and seen some pretty wild parties in pretty far-off places including USA, Russia, Japan and even Israel… Is it still as exciting for you as ever-
It is actually, the world is so different, you will always meet some new interesting people and scenes. Especially through the Internet the connection to people all over the planet makes it even more exiting today. The possibilities are almost infinite…

You also have to tell us, what’s the music scene in Israel like-

It’s a pretty small but very strong scene. You have to see that they just can travel outside their county upwards, cause they’re surrounded by their enemies. This causes some very interesting international collaborations like Kutiman on the German MPM label or The Apples on Freestyle Records from the UK. When I was playing there the crowd really appreciated the whole thing - they’re really mad into partying!

Before we talk about Jim Dunloop - were you one of the many kids that were thrust into piano lessons as a kid- What do you think of the piano as an instrument-
I think the piano is a great versatile instrument with a lot of amazing sounds… I mean nowadays its possible to plug your Macbook on and have a Rhodes, a b4, a classic piano and weird synth just played through the keyboard keys… but I never had lessons on that…

So when did you meet keyboardist Jim Dunloop and how did you decide to join forces-
I was looking for a piano player who could perform for just one song with a singer on my birthday party. The singer found him and after the performance of the song I was regularly playing my set and he was still improvising over it. After the third time we decided to stay in this combination and the rest is history.

Collaborations like these are always based on mutual admiration, so tell us, what do you think of Jim personally-
For me he is the perfect partner on stage. He’s a studied classical piano player who went into the hip hop scene when was a minor. A unique composer with a B-boy heart. There’s some chemistry during our performance: we don’t have to speak to each other while playing, we know each other really well know. Our shows mainly consist of improvising…

Do you ever have any creative differences- Who calls the shots-
Let’s face it, I’m the director and he’s the cameraman/cutter…

WHO: Marc Hype
WHAT: Plays Dusttones Second Anniversary at the Clare
WHEN: Saturday 20 October