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Martin Eyerer - Eyerer On The Pulse

Author: 3D
Thursday, 4 October 2007
Stuttgart DJ Martin Eyerer is one of Germany’s leading producers. You may remember him from his collaboration with DJ Sammy on Boys Of Summer. 3D asked him a few Qs in the lead-up to his Australian trip.

What are you working on at the moment- I see you’ve just remixed Drive by Client. How did that project come about-

At this moment I am working on my first album, which will be released in February 2008 on my label Kling Klong. Last year I contacted Client over MySpace to ask for a collaboration or a vocal feature on one of my upcoming singles. I was really into their last album. They got back to me to hear a playback and get some information and music I am doing. Because they liked what they heard we decided to work together and I sent them a playback for an Eyerer & Chopstick track. After a while they asked me to remix their next single Drive. I did that together with Namito. Client will do a feature on one of our next singles for that.
You’ve remixed the like of Deee-Lite, Simply Red and Snap. Do I sense a love of the ’90s here-
Yes sure, but not only the ’90s – I am a kid of the ’80s so I love these maybe even more. But Snap and Simply Red I was asked for by the record companies so that’s why I have done these. Deee-Lite was one of my favourites and I loved to do that remix! Any way these remixes I have done a while before and there’s fresh stuff released always!

You host a radio show in Germany. Do you take this a change to try new material for your live shows-
You can’t really say ‘try’ as the situation in a radio show is always different to the dancefloor. But that’s exactly the reason why I really love doing a radio show. You can play stuff you sometimes can’t use in clubs ’cause it’s maybe too deep or whatever. It’s more a platform to feature more varieties of music and I get so much new stuff every week that it’s easy playing always upfront tunes.

Your records have gone platinum in Australia. It must be a pretty good feeling knowing that, even though you’re travelling to the other side of the planet, people are well familiar with your music…
Of course it’s always an honour if even just one person at the other end of the world knows what you’re doing. The last years I [have] received quite a lot feedback from Australia and my agent was talking a few times to promoters to bring me there. Finally we made it and I am very excited to see what’s going on there. I heard only the best things about the electronic music scene in Australia, so I am sure it’s gonna be fantastic there.

You do a lot of collaborations, including the likes of DJ Sammy, Chopstick and Oliver Klein. What do you like about producing with someone else-
Generally I like producing with others because everyone brings their own creativity and different way of working. So the process of working on music is different with everyone. Also the people I work with are all good friends of mine which means we have a good time in the studio together and I am much faster in finishing tracks.

WHO: Martin Eyerer
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 13 October