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Matrix and ShaDoweR - The Secret's Out

Author: 3D
Thursday, 6 September 2007
As soon as we heard the news that trance was getting its own room at Sublime, we had to know more… so we sent the 3D work experience kid on a recon mission to Sublime HQ. Here is Matrix and ShaDoweR’s classified set information, for your eyes only…

ShaDoweR and Matrix:
Manvantara - LUCiF (aka ShaDoweR)
Fast becoming a trance producer of international quality, ShaDoweR has had this new tune signed to Reality Bites Records. A mood-setting uplifting trance journey, Manvantara tells of a far off land, which he shall take you to in the next two hours, the mood is being set, the journey is beginning... prepare yourselves for a trance journey to thrill you beyond anything you've experienced before.

Guarana (Psychologica Remix [aka ShaDoweR & Omer]) - Marc Marberg
This trance anthem by Marc Marberg has been remixed by ShaDoweR into a massive tech trance monster. It provides the fast energetic rhythms and anthem melodies to get everyone’s hands in the air. Along with the deep driving kick, dirty electro bass and aggressive tech percussion, this track will have everybody moving on the dance floor.

Protoculture - Heatbeat
Playing the peak set at sublime requires a carefully planned journey. To take the room to stratospheric heights the biggest melodic trance tunes always deliver the response. Protoculture is a spin-off from Heatbeat's Daft Punk Faster Better remix and has a build up that will deliver a rush to everyone in the place

RiFF - Sander van Doorn
Man… when doesn't SVD release chart topping massive percussive trance- RiFF is the latest installment in Sander's huge catalogue of dance anthems. This track is supported by the quality percussion that made Sander Van Doorn a trance superstar, and an unforgettable main melody (a ‘RiFF’). This track is sure to get you dancing!

Platitude - Onova
One of the biggest new trance tunes of the past month, the melodic journey in this tune delivers more rush than a rollercoaster. The uplifting trance journey is beginning to gather momentum.

iMMortality (ShaDoweR Mix) - Psychologica
iMMortality’s ability to create an epic mindscape with which you are able to leave your worries behind and be enveloped by your dreams is why this tech trance track was signed to Reality Bites Records. It has the power to take you on a sensational cognitive journey. The strong use of energetic melodies combined with the deep tribal beat carries your mind away while keeping your feet moving.

Midnight Saviour (Sean Tyas Mix) - Persequor
Possibly the best driving trance producer in the world applies his magic touch to this gun tune, creating a huge vibe alongside a killer electro-spiked bass line. Our set is travelling into trance overdrive. There's not a shuffler in Sydney that will be still when this bomb tune drops.

Flight 643 (Krzysztof Chochlow White 07 Remix) - Tiesto
Without a doubt one of the rising stars of trance, Krzysztof Choclow is able to create harder edged electro trance that annihilates crowds around the world. The unique use of dirty electro bass lines and complicated cross rhythms makes this track a guaranteed winner with Sublimes Voodoo people.

One More Night Out - Sean Tyas
Possibly the biggest track of the past few months, One More Night Out is a trance anthem and a half. A feature trance track in Sean’s set at Transmission and also at Armin's White Party, This tune is known and loved by anyone who digs trance music. It'll lift the roof off in a big way!

The journey continues... What will come next- Come see for yourselves.

WHO: Matrix and ShaDoweR
WHAT: Play back-to-back at Sublime
WHEN: Friday 14 September