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Matt Darey - It's Varied

Author: RK
Monday, 8 October 2007
It seems like a tale of two ironies. A press release that harps on about a prolific and seemingly untouchable trance DJ; one who has achieved number 51 status in the DJ Mag Top 100; and one who throughout his 15 year career has achieved numerous chart hits that once were classics and have now become anthems. Yet Matt comes across as a particularly down-to-earth guy. If one with a background that might not make logical sense. “I loved the whole electronic scene of the 1980’s and got hooked on the sound. But it was actually being a singer in a rock band that got me into making music for the first time during the late 1980’s!  I learnt to write songs and loved performing. Then with the dance scene, I was hooked after going to one of the early ‘Amnesia’ Raves back in the day; then started making drum and bass and never looked back.”

Today his love of rock and drum and bass as well as house and electro could see him playing a set of anything nowadays. Of course the world of trance has changed considerably over the years. And Matt is in agreement. “It sure has. It was one of the styles I experimented with. Back then it didn’t really have a name and was still very underground.  The word trance nowadays can mean just about anything.  There’s purist trance but there is also a million off shoots and fusions of the trance sound with other styles. In love the diversity; it means I can keep my sets interesting and still hold a trance crowd.”

Likewise he is sensing the distinct crossover of styles and sounds now more than ever before; that includes trance, techno and electro in one set. “I absolutely agree, it varies from club to club, but usually I can mix it all up; especially now, people hear me playing electro with trance, progressive, breaks and almost any genre on my Nocturnal Radio show.” This in part explains why he has worked on so many aliases over the years. “Now I’m focusing on working on a new style. I am making an artist album under my own name with rock influences fused with electronic music.  I guess the aliases will pop up from time to time. I still enjoy making all styles of music; variety is the spice of life!”

“As far as music goes, I think in order to make something original you have to take some risks and think outside the box. That can take up a lot of time experimenting with new sounds. When you’ve nailed a new sound it becomes easy to carry on in that groove, that’s when you become prolific. I’m in a weird place really. On one hand I’m making this new style of rock influenced EDM and then I’m also making trance, progressive and all sorts. My main focus right now though is on this new rock style, that’s what my artist album will sound like - TBR early 2008. I find I’m actually remixing these rock tracks to fit the clubs I’m playing at as well! Animal which is a forthcoming track from my album was turned into a banging techno grungy workout. You can check it out actually at! Other than that, I’m working a lot harder now than I ever have before. I’m playing in Australia shortly too and I’m looking forward to playing a bunch of stuff from house and electro to hardstyle. It really depends on how the clubbers react. I’ll stay fluid on that one!”