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Max Savietto - Maximum Trance

Author: Rezo
Thursday, 6 September 2007
Trance DJ Max Savietto is a modest man. After admitting his “English is very poor” he requested an email interview. 3D’s Rezo obliged, and threw him some questions online in the leadup to his Australian shows.

“I start to listen the music when I was very young,” he says. “I heard all the little beats that are into the songs. One day I had the opportunity to work in a beautiful music shop and this has been the start of it all. Vinyl, CDs, clubs and the smile of the people around the musical scene has been the spark for the start of my career.”

Savietto’s style is almost ferocious, but without the nonsense and cheese that characterises much of the music in the genre. He calls it trance at 360 degrees.

“In fact I don’t produce only trance music with the name Max Savietto,” he says. “I have many other projects. There is also Sa.Vee.Oh, a nickname that I use for my hard-trance productions. I have also more projects and all these are always little derivatives of trance music. Anyway, many people call my style trance, hard-trance or tech-trance and so I approve of these terms!

“Why this style- First of all because I love it, and second because maybe it is the best sound that I release from my studio.”

And to that end, there is plenty going on behind those closed doors.

“At the moment I have a really big bag of productions,” he says. “I think that your magazine probably does not have enough space on this page to enumerate them! But I would like to mention some of these. For example Loop Hole remix, which is a smash hard-trance hit release from 2004 – one of my most famous tracks. It has a really nice and modern edge to it coming from 2007. Then there is Antea, In the System, Outrageous, Nohacker.exe, and quite a few more but all of them are really good songs!”

Indeed, his Techno Code and Pleasuredome releases are monumental efforts of banging electronica that remind me of the days of early warehouse raves. This coming from a man who started producing music when he was 15, and remembers when his parents bought him his first set of turntables. And having to spread his wings outside of his native Italy he still talks about home with that inherent love of the place.

“I knew that you would ask me a question about Italy!’ he beams. “So...unfortunately here in Italy the rave scene is not like in other parts of the world. There are many differences; one of these is that there is not more possibility to play or to go dancing in any club that proposes several music styles. For example, now there is a good feedback about house music and 99 per cent of the clubs propose this type of sound...and there is not much space for others. Maybe more of you know Italy like the “state of the moda”. Well, it’s true!

“Anyway, this is the first time that I receive a request to have me and my music there in Australia so I look forward to it – I will play more hard-trance style in my DJ set. Oh, and I should tell you something funny too: yesterday I heard a big noise coming from the inside of my car and I give it a punch on the dashboard to stop it – and the airbag explode!

“It’s funny, no-”

WHO: Max Savietto
WHAT: Plays Rave The City at Sydney Entertainment Centre
WHEN: Sunday 30 September