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Meck - The Meckanics Of Things

Author: Jane Stabler
Friday, 14 December 2007
Meck, the musical alias of UK club favourite Craig Dimech, has been firmly embedded in the clubbing culture and DJing game long enough to learn a few tricks of the trade. The least of which is that any publicity is good publicity…or so they say. Words by 3D’s Jane Stabler.

Before he smashed onto international dance charts and made a global name for himself with Thunder in My Heart, Meck thought a good way to increase interest would be to say he’d made the transition to dance from the adult industry. The problem was, everyone believed him.

“Basically Meck is an abbreviation of my surname,” he explains with amusement, “and when we made Thunder in My Heart, we thought, ‘When we present this record what are we going to say- That this guy runs a record label-’ It’s boring, so I made it up that I worked in the LA adult industry and it’s backfired in a couple of ways. The press here got wind of it and kept asking me questions about my sexual preferences and which porn stars I’d made love to throughout my career, and I had to deny it and the more I denied it the more it seemed like we had something to hide. Then my mum found out and was asking why people were saying I was a porn star!”

Despite not being an icon of the adult industry, Meck has certainly gained himself similar status in the dance world. His 2006 remix of Thunder in My Heart is known to party people worldwide, even those who don’t necessarily know who’s behind it. Heading down under to play the Ministry of Sound New Year’s Day party, Meck’s adoration of what he does means he isn’t at all worried about his own inability to party up to see in 2008.

“You know what, I treat it like a night out anyway,” the DJ enthuses, “so for me doing that is like a night out, and I’m doing something I love. It’s one of those unusual days where you could play the usual stuff and people will still go nuts because of where they are and it’s a retrospect of the year gone by. But I’ve got some special stuff, some cheeky bootlegs and I’ll be the only one with them so the Meck sound will be a bit edgier, so I don’t quite sound like everybody else. Mentally I’ve been preparing for this for quite a while, about what I want to take, what I think will work, discarding stuff that I don’t think will work.”

WHO: Meck
WHAT: Plays Ministry of Sound NYD at the Mean Fiddler
WHEN: Tuesday 1 January