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Metabass 'N' Breath - Metanarrative

Author: 3D
Friday, 14 December 2007
What started as a few guys busking, rhyming, drumming and beatboxing on the streets eventually evolved into seminal Sydney local hip hop group Metabass ’n’ Breath. They officially disbanded seven years ago but they’re getting back together for the Spirit of Soul Festival. 3D chatted to founding member Elf Tranzporter.

So, since this is a reunion, will there be fights and arguments about creative differences, or do you think it’ll be easy to get that groove back-
I feel it will be easy to get our groove back because there will be less friction due to the long time we have spent apart. It is a rare treat.

Will this the beginning of more Metabass gigs in the future, or is this just a one-off-
There are always endless possibilities for future gigs. We have respected each other’s projects over the years. No one’s gone off the mark of Metabass ’n’ Breath’s original essence of creativity.
It’s easy when you have respect for those who live in your musical community.

Is there any Jackson Five-style competitive rivalry between you-
Only in the fact that everyone is vying to be number one on the catwalk!
Everyone‘s jealous that Sloth has been reaping all the benefits of the life of a super model.
At least the rest of us don’t have to get so much plastic surgery!

So who’s the leader of the outfit (or thinks he is)-
Whoever’s answering the questions and doing the interview. So in this case Elf and Fani.

How does busking compare to a paid gig- Any perks-
There is positive in both. Busking has a definite sense of freedom.
Nomadism. Autonomy. Often the financial rewards can go either way.
With a paid gig, there is an elevation of one’s work.
There is an energy that happens on a stage, to spotlight one’s work and elevate the creative.
Oh yeah, the main benefit with a gig on stage, is you don’t need to compete with traffic…-!

What can we expect from you guys at the Spirit of Soul Fest-
Dope lyricism, phat sounds and an overdue amount of off-the-cuff Reflex Poetics!

WHO: Metabass ’n’ Breath
WHAT: Play the Spirit of Soul Festival at the Factory
WHEN: Friday 18 January