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Michael Fakesch - The Real Deal

Author: Rezo
Friday, 24 August 2007
Softly spoken, unrelentingly warm and polite – and a really bloody brilliant producer, Fakesch’s most recent coup is putting his name to a famed !K7 release. DOS is a magnificent if not unusual foray into the world of sketchy electro, although, I dare say, it is unlike what you’ve heard before and it’s likely not what you were expecting.

“Oh man! It’s seems so long ago I really can’t remember exactly – I got infected by techno when I was 15 or 16,” he begins, explaining his background. “I come from a really small town just outside of Munich; when I went out I was going out on my own. I did my first party at 17 and the first DJ I could find anywhere was Chris. That’s how we met. Then another friend showed me his analog synth collection – and I thought, ‘I could do it myself!’

“That’s how we came together in around 1991. Our first record was sent to Bunker Records and they were totally fascinated by it. That motivated us because we thought we had a little bit of talent! Those records were released with, like, 100 copies. Luckily, Bjork bought one of those records and asked us to do a remix! From then on we’ve done work with Wu-Tang for example.”

The acclaimed remix of Reunited is of course what he refers to – but then came the offer from !K7.

“For the last eight years, I’ve considered myself a professional musician,” he continues. “I’m a really lucky guy. The hardware I am using came from a little 808 and 303! I have learnt a lot from experimenting with the equipment but it became tiring using only those elements – then you wanted a sampler. And later you got into this hi-tech production with computing. Our first computer came when we needed to do that Bjork remix – which we did with a SoundBlaster card! It was the cheapest card you could buy! Years on, it is learning by doing and we continue to do what we do.”

Today, the DOS album reflects his obsession with structure, instruments and vocals. “I got away from having to prove I could produce,” he says. “It was really challenging to write songs and that’s why I did it – I wanted to try something new. And whether it’s experimental or not, I’m very happy with the album – I think you should never release something that you aren’t proud of. I wanted to produce a high tech funk album that was fun without being over-programmed. I did all this programming for years and didn’t want to repeat what I had done before – I wanted to show the people something new. In fact, I hate musicians who do the same things over and over.

“Even the last Funkstorung album had that pop appeal but it feels melodic, a bit kitsch even. I wanted to leave out all the melodies for this album. Some of the tracks are simple beats and nothing more than a vocal – you don’t need more really! Little details is what makes it.”

WHO: Michael Fakesch
WHAT: DOS through !K7/Inertia
WHEN: Out now