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Miguel Migs - Migsy's Move

Author: 3D
Friday, 14 December 2007
Legendary San Fran DJ Miguel Migs is heading our way for new year's eve, so we though it'd be grand to have a chat. So we, uh, did.

Your music has been featured on a few huge TV shows - Six Feet Under, Sex in the City, Real World and more… How did all this come about- And what's it like watching Carrie Bradshaw and friends when your music starts playing in the background-
Music in film and TV is not easy to get into. It was not my choice - basically they approach the record labels to license music they want to use so I usually don't have a say in the matter if another label owns the songs. I don't watch any of those shows, but it's cool to be able to push the music into a new demographic and turn new people onto my music.

You started off as songwriter and guitarist for a band in Santa Cruz… What sort of music did you play-
I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was around 13 or so. As for the bands I had when I was a teenager, we played reggae, dub, rock world beat kinda stuff…

Would you ever get up on stage as a guitarist in a dub band again, or are those days behind you-
I love writing and creating dub and reggae music and would love to do a full roots album at some point…but right now my focus is on my new live eight-piece band called Petalpusher. We have done around 13 gigs so far and it's been a lot of work, but a great kick-off to this new live project and I will continue to push this forward in the new year.

What then led you to pursue electronic music- And what role did the city of San Francisco play in your musical evolution-
I was really into the soulful deep house sounds at the underground warehouse parties happening in SF in the early '90s. At first I was DJing hip hop, dancehall and house music at small parties and when my last band broke up I focused all my energy into creating and experimenting with producing electronic music and have been doing it full time ever since.

After many years doing what you do, you started your own label, Salted, in 2004. What were your personal reasons for doing this-
I wanted to start something new and fresh and be able to be creatively involved in all aspects, sort of a home base where I can build my own catalogue of material. I also was excited to have the ability to release music from new artists as I always get demos when I'm out on the road touring.

WHO: Miguel Migs
WHAT: Plays the Argyle NYE
WHEN: Monday 31 December