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Mind Electric - Eternal Sunshine of the Electric Mind

Author: 3D
Monday, 5 November 2007
On the back of the recent supermassive Ministry of Sound Electro House Sessions tour, Mind Electric is donning his best blue steel for Derelicte at Havana. 3D threw back a magnum.

We know the breaks and drum n bass scenes are pretty big over in Perth, but how healthy is the house/electro house scene- Is it still the most popular scene, like in most other Australian cities-
House and electro is really thriving in Perth! I play at a couple of awesome club nights as resident including Fridays at Vegasmode which is big room house, progressive, tech and bassline, and Saturdays at Frisk which pushes cutting-edge house, electro and jacking. It might sound bias but since theses two nights have taken off I believe Perth is now up with the east coast in musical terms.

You’ve also produced rock bands and written music for television commercials and short films – with whom have you worked-
My first ever remix was for a local rock group Wax Tadpole (featured on Triple J) – I had a heap of fun doing that. I have also worked with the Perth Film and Television Institute and some advertising agencies doing some jingles and soundtracks. Some of my music has also featured in some amateur films and TV series’.

Tell us the story of how you were discovered by John Course and Andy Van of Vicious…
I was wagging synchronized swimming training and eating a Wonker bar… Gold ticket, you know the rest.

Oh and back in 2002 I worked on a music project with a friend of mine that he sent to Vicious all the while I was living in Germany. I made the decision to move back to Perth in early 2005 to explore the opportunity with the label. As I worked with Vicious and we built the relationship I sent them a demo of my side project Mind Electric, with the debut single Dirty Cash – whamo!

What does the next year hold for you- We want the scoop on the next major Mind Electric venture…
Next year I’d like to do some more touring, I love playing in new clubs and cities. Earlier in the year I played in china and that was a huge highlight for me so hopefully a bit more of that, and I can’t wait to play Sydney – the crowd there really rocks out and I get a huge buzz from it.

WHO: Mind Electric
WHAT: Plays Derelicte at Havana
WHEN: Friday 9 November