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Mixtape Mafia - The Mob

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Friday, 31 August 2007
The Mixtape Mafia mix it up to the max. 3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse has a merry meeting with the maestros…

What makes the Mixtape Mafia different to other DJs out there-
The Mixtape Mafia are living to a strict code, one which permeates all facets of life: ‘99% Genre Free’.
It pretty much gives us licence to mash all your favourite tunes with all your older brother’s favourite tunes, with your ‘cool’ Auntie’s record collection. For all intents and purposes, let’s say she lives in Paris.
When hearing these new sounds, one may come across the effect that has been named ‘Mixtape Epilepsy’… This is when you hear multiple tracks of epic dance-floor proportions from different points of musical history… and your synapses fry at the ‘Over-Radness’ of the mix.
So I guess that’s what we do different. We fry synapses.

How did you hook up with Sosueme-
We were wrangling house parties and little underground Sydney festivals, when one particular party landed us in trouble with the law. One particular party had the fuzz show up and try to shut us down… The needle came off the record and the party went silent… It was at this point we dropped Snow’s Informer and everybody lost their shit. The music lasted until the second verse… We thought that was a pretty good effort.
One of the guys carrying our gear out the back window into the car was Muz, the Main Man at Sosueme. He said “Party-” We said “Yes.”

You’ve only been going for six months. What were you doing previously-
In between us, we’ve made short movies, sung in musicals, played in Sydney indie bands, put some parties on and run amok. There was some mixtape live shit happening that shall bust heads in the near future…

What recent releases have been making it into your sets-
We have a direct line to the Ministry of the Future… We’d love to play the best-flex tunes of Spring 2009, but they would find us… Oh, they would find us…
At the moment (the present), we’re really hot on:
Modeselektor - Dancing Box
Stardust vs Muscles - Ice Cream Sounds Better With You
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill (BOOM!)
Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemoller Remix)
Ajax vs Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like a Gang Bang

And what classics can we expect-
For the ravers, some Jam & Spoon.
For the B-Boys, some De La Soul.
For the Tech-Heads, some Underworld.
For everyone else, there Tears For Fears and Billy Ocean.
Just try and stop us.

Are you working on any mixes-

The Mixtape Mafia Mixtape is due to hit blogs worldwide soon. We are currently re-tooling the Genre percentage… we are currently at 76%...
When it’s up to 99% Genre Free, check it out at! In October!

WHO: Mixtape Mafia
WHAT: Play Shelflife at Fringe Bar
WHEN: Friday 7 September