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Mütgash Poison - Mönster Gâsh

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Thursday, 4 October 2007

With a name like Mütgash Poison, you know what to expect. Or do you- 3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse entered the dark world of poisonous mütgash.

An interesting name like yours must have an interesting background story, no-
There was, like, this shared house in Stanmore that was together for nearly ten years and almost all the people we know either lived there or hung out there at one stage – it was like a little beacon of debauchery. One of the first inhabitants, this psychosis-riddled junkie – we’ll call him Mr. X but I think his name was Mike – used to set fire to things in and around the house and torture stuff. He used to get off on writing horrible messages in books from the communal bookshelf.

Nearly five years after he was chucked out of the house, this girl Bridget was reading this book and got to the middle and there, written in child-like hand writing in crayon, was this message; “To all the girls at Trafalgar St., I hope youz all drop dead of moot gash poison”. Another five years later and we were having a laugh about this story and decided to start a band but we spelt with the umlaut above the u so it’s like über but müt.

How long have MP been playing together-
We started playing together in January 2002.
We’ve been through two bass players and three drummers, one of which quit the band the day we started playing in women’s lingerie. I said to him, “Dude you’re in a fucking band called Mütgash Poison for Christ’s sake – what’s a bit a lace and a sexy bra-” The first six or seven gigs we played we were told to get off the stage after, like, 12 minutes – even our friends told us we were shit and threw bottles and ashtrays at us while we played, but after a year or two, people started moshing.
You have some pretty elaborate costumes. Is there a specific idea behind each one-
Most of our costumes are modeled on Patrick Swayze. It was such a shame that he didn’t make the cut for Dirty Dancing Two but really, nobody puts Baby in the corner.
It all depends on how much time/notice we have before a gig and what the gig is. We try our darndest to have different costumes for every show; sometimes we dress as clowns and other times we just look like them.
Have you got any recordings you’re working on-
We do have an EP we are finishing off currently that we will release before the end of the year, as long as we have the cash to get it out of the studio etc. but it’s still a couple of months from being finished.

WHO: Mütgash Poison
WHAT: Play Surry Hills Festival at Prince Albert Park
WHEN: Saturday 13 October
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