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Nick's Top 10 Albums Of 2007

Author: Nick Jarvis
Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Big boss man and 3D World Editor Nick Jarvis takes some time out of being massaged by tropical beauties to serve up his Top 10.
Radiohead – In Rainbows: Yeah, yeah, so we’re all massive geeks here. Still, this album is definitely the best thing to come out this year, and although the lyrics may be darker than ever, the music is still beatific. Simply exquisite, as ever. Plus, now you get a second CD as good as the first. Bonus!

Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury:
OK, so technically this one came out last year, but it was near the end and it’s mostly this year it’s been on high rotation in my stereo anyway. Also, it’s one of only two CDs I’ve laid out actual cash for in years (the other was Return to Cookie Mountain, in case you care). Malice and Pusha T scare me, and that’s what I want from my grindin’ gangsta crack rap.

Pharoahe Monch – Desire: Mr Monch, where have you been for eight years- And then you come back after such as absence and release an album the same week as Kanye and Fiddy’s that’s better than both of theirs! Heavy on the gospel and soul influences, Desire is the best hip hop album of 07, no contest.

Black Lips – Good Bad Not Evil: This one should probably be going in the Backstage section, but screw it, I haven’t been this excited by a rock n roll record since Thickfreakness. The Black Lips take everything that’s good about punk, country and surf guitar and bake it with bluesy garage rock, while lo-fi recording helps maintain the illusion that you’ve dug up a fifty-year old flea market gem from a bunch of very forward thinking kids.

The Cool Kids – Totally Flossed Out EP: The best bass lines this side of Dillinja and a rap aesthetic lifted straight out of the late ‘80s, The Cool Kids live up to their self-appointed moniker with ease and panache. Hey, I was six years old when it was ’88, so they can bring it back all they like.

Holy Fuck – Holy Fuck EP: These guys might not have the most SFW name, but it’s plenty appropriate, because that’s exactly what you’ll find yourself saying after listening to a few minutes of their dense, chugging lo-fi electronica. They’ve got me stumped as to how they improvise these sounds live without looping or sequencing, but suffice to say they’ve got the thump of Underworld with the energy of a punk band.

The Heavy – Great Vengeance and Furious Fire: What do you get when you combine (metaphorically) James Brown’s band with a young Robert Plant as frontman- The best damn low-rider-driving-music you can imagine, that’s what – huge, heavy, wall-of-sound funk. The Heavy sound like the best bits of my dad’s vinyl collection all pieced together.

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork: On the other hand, Chromeo are all the best parts of my cousin’s collection of cassettes and Miami Vice re-runs. All of a sudden, I’m wearing Wayfarers, beige slacks and casual blazers and I don’t even know why.

Muscles – Guns Babes Lemonade: Sure, so far he’s a bit of a one trick pony, but who could fail to be charmed by lines like “when Muscles has a party everybody is invited, you tell me that you’re coming and you leave your home early.” Muscles, lets chill some time. I have lemonade and a hammock…

Kanye West – Graduation:
What can you say about Graduation, really- Probably the biggest album of the year; it’s really only got five stand-out tracks to my mind, but damn, what tracks they are. His unabashed ego may be ugly but his production is sweeter and shinier than a pair of Ice Cream kicks.