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Oliver Lang - House Glorious House

Author: 3D
Friday, 26 October 2007
A good mate of the Stafford Brothers, Manchester DJ Oliver Lang is hitting up Sydney this week for Onelove. 3D knows to expect mayhem.

Welcome back to Australia, Oliver. Do you have many fond memories of your last visit earlier this year-

Good to be back! I was only in Australia for around nine days earlier this year at the end of a fairly hectic Asia tour, so I didn’t get to see much. This time however I’m here for three weeks so I intend to take full advantage of it – I haven’t even seen a kangaroo yet!

You’re bringing us a ‘taste of Ibiza’ – what’s the current big Balearic sound-

I think for me the sound that was biggest in Ibiza this year was the tech house sound; kind of funky, groovy techno and, of course, the electro thing still kicks it there and all the after-afterparties play the minimal sound. I would say expect to hear a bit of everything from me, I always play for the crowd though.

The electro house scene in the last year and a half has truly reached its peak in Australia. Is this a trend you’ve seen mirrored globally-
Electro house was at its peak in Ibiza and Europe last summer with the release of Fedde le Grand’s Put Your Hands Up For Detroit. Electro house is still massive in Europe but the minimal sound seems to be more in vogue at the moment. This is a trend I’m simply not following at the moment, I still really play electro house, anything with a good groove and plenty of energy.

Tell us a bit about your latest studio/production work…
I’ve got around six tracks and remixes around at the moment on labels like Big Love, Lowered, Umm and Toolroom. I’ve also got a track called Dancing Girls, which was released on Toolroom last week. Hopefully this will be a biggie for me this year, it’s definitely completely my sound and kicks it on the floor. I’ve just mixed a double Ibiza compliation album for Bargrooves also – this has been out for about a month now.

What does Oliver Lang have in store for the future- What do you hope to have achieved in five years-

More of the same really, I’m constantly producing and remixing so my aim is for that side of things to keep on progressing. I’m also starting my own label and putting out my own compilations next year. Basically, as long as I’m travelling, having fun and making good music in five years time then I will be very happy.

WHO: Oliver Lang
WHAT: Onelove at Tank
WHEN: Saturday 3 November