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Operator Please - Hold The Line

Author: 3D
Monday, 20 August 2007
Fresh faced young indie upstarts Operator Please may look like your younger siblings, but they’ve already released their debut single, supported the best bands on the planet and are embarking on a European tour, which is more than you’ve ever done with your life, isn’t it- 3D spoke to keyboardist Sarah.

You must be the envy of your mates, touring with Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys. Are they still talking to you-
We had so much fun on tour, but we're so busy at the moment, we barely have time to talk to anyone (even our friends and families - I think our friends get to see the very real end of touring that we experience - the late nights, endless getting on and off of planes, and home sickness - so their envy is generally short lived.

The band members were picked members by front woman Amandah, but do you share any musical loves and influences-
We're all pretty much on the same page in that respect (genre wise at least) -it's one of the reasons we get on so well together. While there are a few odd bits out (I'd find it hard to get the rest of the guys wired up about listening to a good movement or two from one of my favourite Concertos), we cross over on bands like the Strokes, the Kooks, Jamie T and Belle and Sebastian. Nothing gets the tour van pumped like a good 'ol Strokes sing along.

There’s seems to be an explosion of very young talented bands of late, (Young and Restless, Bridezilla, Bright Yellow, and yourselves) - any idea what’s behind this- Generation X music teachers perhaps-
I don't think it's that there’s an explosion of young bands. When you think about it, there have always been those around - Silverchair, Evermore, Hanson even. I think it's that people are starting to take more notice. There never used to be any opportunities for bands our age to get out there - and now that people are taking notice and carving out places for them, of course more are going to come out of the wood work.

Just a Song About Ping Pong, is it really or is a deeper metaphysical meaning-
It's just a song about ping pong, honest.

You're heading off soon to tour the UK, what’s on the itinerary-
I think the better question is "What's not on the itinerary-" Apparently there are plans for shows in not only the UK but also in France, Holland, Germany and Scotland, so I'm really excited about that. We've been lucky enough to score some amazing supports with bands like the Go! Team (to name just one). I get dizzy just thinking about it.

So the LP is dropping in November, what can we expect-
Party time packaged into a nice little neat 13 track CD with our name on it (darker, rawer, more mature than Ping Pong might initially suggest). On the whole though, it's better not to expect anything - because then you won't be disappointed!

WHO: Operator Please
WHAT: Debut single Just A Song About Ping Pong
WHEN: Out now on EMI