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Optimen - Brown Baggin' It

Author: 3D
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Featuring new tracks from Optimen, Balboa and Pure Product,Red Tape Renegades showcases some ofthe finest hip hop coming out Queensland. Optimen's K.West drops knowledge on the releaseand the future of the label. Congratulations on getting the release out – was ita long and nightmarish process-Thanks.Nightmarish- Definitely. It was like Tim Burton and Timothy Leary writing anode to gas chambers while riding upon a gothic carousel of gargoyles. Therewere many sleepless nights and some projectile vomiting. But you get that.  How did you celebrate the launch / release-I think, atthis stage, we’re just excited enough to have a new release out in circulation.Getting the disc back from pressing was a reward all in itself. We were so highon life that day that we flew to Sydney and drafted up some fake anti-Muslimpamphlets to distribute among Liberal party offices in the western suburbs. So you managed to get Balboa into the studio to putsome stuff down-Yeah, gettingBalboa into the studio is always something special. Because he’s known morewidely for his freestyle skills and ability to reduce a team of tough-talkersto a team of crutch-walkers in a quick concession of connecting punchlines,it’s kinda ill to hear him put down written vocals.  What have the respective members of Optimen been upto of late-We’ve all beenpretty busy, I guess. We all work full-time now. When we wrote Boomtown we were all unemployed,spending most days of the week in Sammsonite’s basement, which is also where werecorded it. Sam runs the Space Ghost Studios lab now, so he’s busy producingand recording many of Brisbane’s best artists, Dats is putting his gas torch tosamples to come up with some more heaters and I’ve been digging in a lot of crates.I just got back from Japan actually, where I got to do lots ofdigging, so that was cool. DJ Damage has been ... good. He’s probably beenreading about futures markets and investing in nanotechnology or something.Sounds like something DJ Damage would be doing. I like the brown paper bag look in your photo shoot– was that a prop or were you keeping it real and drinking throughout-Ha! It wasreal. We drink beer out of brown paper bags. It’s our thing. Just like howJustin Timberlake has his thing: being a pussy. Those of us who were drinkingwere drinking throughout the shoot. I think the brown paper bags help to remindus that, even after all of the fame and fortune, we’re still derelicts. Which hip hop movie best encapsulates the Optimen-Easy. Ghostbusters II. People sleep on thismovie for being about hip hop, but the evidence is undeniable. Firstly, thename itself contains two classic pieces of hip hop vernacular: ‘Ghost’, as in,“I’m outta here yo. I’m ghost.” And ‘Busters’, as in “Man, these dudes ischumps. Bunch of busters.” Also, the ‘two’ on the cover is represented by theghost doing the peace symbol.On top ofeverything else, The Optimen are like Ghostbusters2 because people were like: “Awww shit! Ghostbusters was crazy and nowthey’re bringing out something new- Shit is bugged.” Besides, what’s more hiphop than Bill Murray- Nothing- Exactly.Besides that,probably Style Wars. When’s the proper Optimen album coming out-The nextfull-length instalment from The Optimen is called The Fallout, and we’re aiming for release this time next year. Inthe meantime, check for Eviction Noticeby Pure Product, whatever Balboa comes forward with and the next volume of Redtape Renegades. Whut! WHO: OptimenWHAT: RedTape Renegades Vol. 1 through Red Tape Entertainment / ShogunWHEN: Out nowMORE: