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Patrik Carrera - DJing: A Job Or A Carrera

Author: 3D
Friday, 26 October 2007
Sublime resident DJ Patrik Carrera will be a household name in no time. He may even be one already… 3D caught up with the Sydney DJ to discuss music, music, oh – and music.

How does it feel to be chosen to support a long list of International acts coming up over the summer as well as recently being the only local DJ on the Gatecrasher bill-
I absolutely love it! Playing alongside DJs/producers that I respect so much always makes for a memorable night on the calendar! It’s also a great opportunity to swap my music with them and have a chat about their productions as well as my own! As for the Sublime Summer, I’m really excited for a mammoth end to 2007 with guys like Ferry Corsten, Remo-Con, Raphael Frost, 00 Flemming and Bart Claessen all heading this way!

You started your career at Sublime when you were 19. Tell us how it all unfolded-
I was lucky enough to be spotted by promoter Bev Malcolm who gave me a chance behind the decks on a Young Guns night in Voodoo. Following that set I was immediately booked to play the main slot on another night alongside Jumping Jack, Archie and Peewee to a frenzied Voodoo crowd! Since those first two sets at the age of 19, Sublime is where I call home! No matter how far I travel Sublime will always be my number one gig! I’m now lucky enough to grace the Voodoo decks on a regular basis alongside the best DJs from around the globe…and love it!

You’ve supported some big names recently, including Paul Van Dyk, Sander Van Doorn & Giuseppe Ottavianni – has one gig stood out above the rest-
Each gig holds its own reason for being great. Supporting Sander Van Doorn and Ferry Corsten in the Sublime room at FMF at Randwick was one of the most amazing for the fact of the size of the event, playing the larger rooms is definitely a favourite! Other ones worth mentioning are Giuseppe Ottavinni at Sublime… I was unbelievably inspired by his live set and also my recent gig following on from Paul Van Dyk when he asked what tune I was playing… It was one of my new tunes so I whacked it straight into his hand after it popped out of the CDJ! One more was warming up for Filo & Peri who are one of my favourite producing duos!

You’ve got a new EP, Kiki, which has been released digitally worldwide. Can you tell us a little about it-
Each track on the EP – three all up – combines elements of techno and trance with massive emphasis on groovy percussion! Each is suited for a different stage of the night: SET is one for the start of the night; warm synths with sharp electro stabs. Kiki is a peak time tech-trancer combining heavy bass pads with a hands-in-the-air lead! Do You Still is one for the morning with more soothing, laid back trance elements in the breakdown and an anthem feel, when it drops its fierce rolling percussion and melodic synth stabs!

Are you working on a full-length artist album yet-
It’s been a goal and in the making ever since I started producing! This is likely to unfold some time in 2008… When it’s here you’ll know!

You’ve DJed in South America… and by the looks of it on your website you’re a football fan.  Did you manage to catch any local football action whilst over there-

Brasil…  Wow, wasn’t that an experience to play and party over there-! When I was over there for the New Year period in 06/07 it was the off season, so got no football action [but] left plenty of time for action on the beach and in the clubs!

WHO: Patrik Carrera
WHAT: Plays Sublime at Home / Transmission at Sydney Olympic Sports Centre
WHEN: Every Friday / Saturday 8 September