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Paul van Dyk - The Legend Returns

Author: Rezo and DCR
Friday, 19 October 2007
Stop the press: the world’s number one DJ, Paul Van Dyk, has returned to Australia to play Transmission. We know you’re excited so we got Rezo and DCR to have a chat.

With 18-odd albums under his belt, a swag of remixes dropped by everyone from top level DJs to your neighbour’s mother, and recipient of more awards than most DJs could hope to win in their entire career, let alone in eight years, van Dyk’s been around. No bold statement there. So how does he bring a fresh approach to each production-

“When I’m not playing I’m basically making music,” he begins. “My last album came out three years ago and when it was time to put it together, I was going into all the ideas of what I would create. I had everything laid out and I chose the tracks that I liked the most and started working on them. That gave me the opportunity to work with some fantastic artists who also had the chance to bring their ideas to the table as well and that’s what’s great about collaborations. One idea turns into a combined idea and then the element of experimentation that we talked about comes out. You might end up with an electronic album having a rock element or vice versa and that is the manifestation of what I want to say. To me, finding a wide range of sounds on an album is what keeps it interesting – likewise [with] a DJ performance.”

“The same story exists if I’m asked to do a remix,” he continues. “I might have an artist or agent approach me and say they like my sound. Then they would like to have their material sound like this or like that – something I have done before. And usually it’s pretty clear as to what they want. That can of course make it difficult if it’s something I am not that familiar with. So to be honest, I prefer making remixes from tracks within the dance field because you can give it your own drive.

“In a way too, I think that makes things easier. For example, with my Justin Timberlake remix. I got that record and decided I would do with it 100 per cent what I wanted to do. So then you have that clash between the Justin Timberlake crowd not liking the Paul Van Dyk material and the PVD crowd not liking the JT music – it is always a compromise trying to please everyone!”

Don’t expect to see van Dyk behind decks anymore either, with the German DJ fully embracing modern technology.

“I don’t play with vinyl or CDs anymore,” he admits. “I bring along two laptop computers and I have a special mixer in there so it’s like a mix between a live performance and live arrangement. It does work out to be quite full on and intense, but I am looking forward to it. There is a lot of amazing new material coming out so I will be bringing it all with me.

“The crowds in Australia are always very energetic and up for it so like every time before it’s going to be a great party! I look forward to seeing you all then!”

WHO: Paul van Dyk
WHAT: Transmission at Sydney Olympic Sports Centre
WHEN: Saturday 8 December