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Pavo and Luna - Dutch Duo For Audiolove

Author: 3D
Friday, 12 October 2007

Dutch DJs Pavo and Luna are heading down under to play Australia. 3D had a chat to find out what’s been going down…
You like to mix various different styles of dance music. Do some genres mix better than others-
Pavo: No, I don’t think so… I think it’s just as easy when I pick records with the same drive!
Luna: With techno you can do a lot of tricks. There are great loops in it.

What is it that excites you about the hard dance genres-

Pavo: No offence to the softer colleagues, but have you ever seen a hardstyle DJ rock- How does the crowd react- If everything goes right and I see only happy faces and a good feedback… that’s for me what’s it’s all about!
Luna: The hard dance sound gives people energy on the dancefloor. It is the ultimate party music.

What are you working on at the moment, solo projects and in partnership-

Pavo: Me and Zany made a start for a new record under the name DJ Pavo. I hope it’s finished when I coming over. For now I started also to record my finest old ones. Slowly I’m turning also over into CD playing – for the vinyl fans I got more than 14.000 to go.
Luna: I’m working on two new projects. One solo and one together with DJ Trilok and Chiren. I hope they will be ready before I come to Australia.

Have you been to Australia before- Are you familiar with the local scene-
Pavo: I was in Australia in 1996 doing a thunderdome tour with Francois, Bass-D and King Matthew. A year ago I came back for the Acer Arena in Sydney… a lot happened in the last 10 years I guess – the scene is bigger since 1996.
Luna: Yeah this will be my fourth time. I’m looking forward to it because the people down under are real enthusiastic and open minded.

What will you bring to Audiolove-

Pavo: My best records!
Luna: A fresh booming and mind-blowing set.

Any up and coming Dutch DJs you can give us a heads-up on-
Pavo: Headhunterz from Scantraxx and Noisecontrollers from Fusion.
Luna: Keep your eyes on Trilok & Chiren.

WHO: DJs Pavo and Luna
WHAT: Audiolove at Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Saturday 3 November