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People Under The Stairs - What's Cookin'-

Author: Huwston
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Thes One, of PeopleUnder The Stairs, comes from an era when artists were digging crates, ratherthan Googling, to get their groove. It was a scene he lived and breathed, andcontinues to today. 3D’s Huwston chattedto him over the phone ahead of his appearance here in 2008.It’s Thanksgiving Eve and Thes One of People Under TheStairs is stuffing the turkey. A few days from now, he’ll be stuffing hisrecord bag as he and partner Double K make their way to Australia for showsacross the country.“Yeah we’re just cookin’ right now,” he says, sounding alittle tired. “Tomorrow’s the day, everything shuts down,” he notes, thoughthey have a few more weeks up their sleeve before they hit Australia. “We come outon the 26th, so I’ll be home for the day of Christmas but then we’re off.”Thes’s family life is well documented in magazines like Wax Poetics (who could forget thewedding mixtape he made for his wife-) although he isn’t divulging muchpersonal information for this interview. (Nor should he really, it’s just asegue anyway.) “Aaaaaah… you know… it’s tough,” he finally lets out, “but welove coming down to Australia, it’sprobably the only place we drop everything to come down to and do some shows.”PUTS’ music translates so well to Australia, and the bandhave had a loyal following since their earliest days at Om Records thanks to anenduring partnership with Slingshot Touring and now Earshot Records.“One thing we have in common, especially living in California is theweather – we don’t really get seasons, you know- It gets cold and rainy but itcould be the middle of winter and you could be in a tee shirt and that vibetranslates, it works in Australia.”So I get one of the coolest producer-MCs on the line justto talk about the weather, right- “We talk about the weather in our music, itsets the vibe and attitude,” says Thes, who can’t compare what he does to someEast Coast rappers because they ‘don’t stomp around in boots and hoodies.Their upcoming schedule sees them rocking every part ofthe country with back-to-back shows with De La Soul, Q Bert and Blackalicious,with festival appearances like Sydney Festival, Pyramid Rock Festival and FieldDay. All of this in 35 degree weather has got to be some kind of punishment.“Sometimes it gets a little tough, ’cause it could be the 10th show andsomeone’s having a house party and we wannacome through and DJ and our manager will be like, ‘You just played for 10,000people, you don’t just go to someone’s house and do the show all over again’…But we still end up at the house party! We live for this, we love it.”Thes has great but somewhat contradictory advice forlooking after yourself on the road. “You gotta look out for yourself. One nightI might not drink because I may have had a couple of beers for a couple nightsin a row and it’s sort of catching up to me. Then I go to the green room andthere’s some beers and I’m like ‘Oh snap, there’s some beers, let’s have abeer’.”Look out for Thes’s beats as the soundtrack to a 2008feature film called Street Dreams aboutskateboarding and an eventual follow up to LifestyleMarketing which I am not at liberty to divulge the muse of as yet… WHO: PUTSWHAT: Play Field Day 2008WHEN: Tuesday 1January,