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Percee P - Perserverance With Percee P

Author: Jane Stabler
Friday, 14 December 2007
Nothing soft comes out of the Bronx. Someone softer than Percee P - who's been selling his mixtapes out the front of fat beats record shop in New York for years and years - may have given up some time ago. 3D's Jane Stabler probes the P.

Percy is a surprisingly common name in the world of hip hop. Master P: real name Percy. MF Grimm: real name Percy. Tragedy Khadafi: real name Percy. “But I'm the one and only Percee P!” laughs yet another States-based hip hop icon named Percy.
The biggest difference between the other rhyming Percys and Percee P, however, is the length of time it's taken this Percy to break through. Despite being in the rap game for 18 years, Percee P has only just hit the mainstream, and he does so with the aptly named album Perseverance.

Over the noise of his wailing son, who seems to have inherited his father's lung-collapsing vocal chords, Percee P is unable to hide his excitement about his new mainstream status. “I'm just happy the wait is over,” he admits. “I wish it [had been] easier but I wasn't going to give up. I believed in my heart I have what it takes, but it seemed a lot of other people take the faster route. My whole career never went the fast route.”

Percee P certainly speaks the truth. Even the execs of the label he is now signed to, Stones Throw, met the lyrical poet while he was selling his CDs on the street. Despite the years of hustling his trade, Percee P doesn't look back on his time with any feelings of disappointment.

“I don't regret what I've done,” he reveals. “To me, somebody had to do it.  I see so much people still trying to make it, and that's what I represent - all the people who have been doing things for so long, I want them to say, 'Don't give up, look at Percee P, he never gave up.' I was rapping in parks because I represent those people. That's the reason I was rapping. This is the biggest time of my whole career and now I have years of experience. If you stick to what you're doing you still have your experience and people can't take that away.”

Now that the spoils of success are starting to emerge, Percee P is somewhat surprised by the accompanying increasing recognition. With his first tour to Australia on the horizon, Percee P is stepping away from being the guest in others' careers, and is pulling a crowd in his own right.

“It's a big thing for me - it's a big accomplishment, it's a sign of success.” he considers. “A lot of people tie success to monetary gains, but success can be what I'm doing now. For me to be going to Australia and have people there acknowledge who I am and know about me, I'm really happy about it. I'm going to these places doing what I love to do, for people to hear me rhyme. It's a blessing.”

WHO: Percee P
WHAT: Plays Sydney Festival with Amp Fiddler at Beck's Bar
WHEN:Wednesday 9 January