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Public Domain - Bass In The Domain

Author: 3D
Friday, 24 August 2007

Yes, we all know that song, but there's a lot more to Public Domainthan putting some bass in the place in England's capital. Darryn Kingthrew some questions to producer Mark Sherry. 
You’ve played all over the world – does the travel lose its novelty at all-
Travelling is a big, big part of being in a band or being a DJ like myself. It has its ups and downs but the ups totally outweigh the downs! Living out of a suitcase in Oz for a few weeks is a small price to pay for playing some of the biggest and best clubs and parties out there, hands down!

You’ve also performed two miles out to sea in a Russian fortress… How did that go, and whose idea was that anyway-
It certainly wasn’t our idea! We work for the huge Dance Planet rave events organisation in Russia and the first one we did for them was on this old Second World War fortress. The gig was immense but it was quite scary in places because of all the hazards, i.e. missing stairs on spiral staircases, the DJ box canopy that burst into flames caused by fireworks going off above my head, the World War II submarine generator that was powering the whole sound and light set-up and also blowing out thick black diesel fumes everywhere, holes in the fortress where windows were supposed to be… the list goes on! The gig was one of the best we’ve ever had though just because of the sheer randomness of it all! It was a gorgeous night with clear skies and all the clubbers kept filling up the island as they came in off the boats that they had lined up to bring the clubbers over to the fortress. It was just one of those magical moments for us all that we’ll never forget!

Are any of you still working on solo projects on the side-
Yeah myself and James [Allen] keep ourselves busy on solo stuff. I do loads of productions, remix work and A&R work for Detox Recordings in Holland and also some for Riot Recordings in the UK. My solo stuff is released as Outburst and it’s all going very well for me just now so long may it continue. James has been making some tracks with our old Public Domain frontman Mallorca Lee and they release their stuff on Monster Tunes in the UK. I’ll be working with Mallorca at some point too in the future but just now my priority is to get my first solo album finished!

Finally, what can we expect from you guys at Transmission and beyond-
We’ve got a whole new show put together with lots of new material! We’ve started a new project called Asylum for Marco V’s label In Charge, so we’ll be playing a few of our new Asylum tracks which have a slightly different sound to our normal Public Domain sound – it’s still bangin’ though, just a bit more mature sounding and slightly groovier. Obviously we’ll be playing a few of our classics and also our most recent single I Feel Love. You guys better get to the gym and get fit though ’cause we’re gonna tire you out with our one hour show…bring it on!

WHO: Public Domain
WHAT: Plays Transmission at Sydney Olympic Sports Centre
WHEN: Saturday 8 September