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Pulsar and Suae - DJing With The Enemy

Author: 3D
Thursday, 13 September 2007

There’ll be bloodshed on the Sublime dance floor this friday. We’re in for a DJ battle between DJ Jason Suae and DJ Pulsar and, by the sounds of it, it’s going to be some serious warfare. 3D leaks crucial intelligence.

Imagine Yourself - Powerface (Megara vs Lee Remix)

I’ll start by warming up the crowd with this mega uplifting and melodic trance remix. Written by none other than the biggest names in the business: Sean Tyas and Dave 202. “Lets get ready to rumble!”

Generations Part 1 - Hardforze

It’s on! One of the cleanest trance productions I’ve heard in a while, this track has it all – reminiscent elements of oldskool trance and a killer melody to boot. Cranking this baby on the Subbies system will be the tits! Pulsie will need to take a shower… eventually.

Welcome To My World - Steve Hill vs Technikal

Definitely one of my favourite tunes at the moment. When this big room melody drops, get ready to see every single Voodoo child in the main room with their hands up in the air for this MASIF anthem. 

I Have A Dream - Steve Hill vs Technikal

Hmm how bout a two-hit MASIF combo then-  The hardance masters are back with an absolute Euro-stormer of a tune. The strings in this are heavenly, and sweetly contrasting with the solemn King Jr’s voice… (PS. The sidechaining bass line should jab Pulsar in the abs quite well hahaha…)

Flying High – Hardforze (Yoshi vs Pulsar remix)

Time to cheese it up a little with one of mine and Yoshi’s remix of this classic tune. I just love seeing the crowd singing and going insane at the same time. Let’s see what the Suae has to answer with after I drop this beast. 

Like I love You – The Hitmen

’Cause I know Pulsar is the Cheese Queen (haha)- What better retaliation than to hit him with the finest cheese in the supermarket! With the unmistakeable Hitmen percussion set and bassline… this one is sure to make the floor roar!

Take Me Away – Dark By Design vs Pulsar

By now the crowd will be ready for me turn it up notch. A brand spanking new tune ready to rock the Voodoo sound system. With a driving bass line and killer melody, you might even see Suae have a shuffle on the stage.  

Fly With Me – Dark By Design vs Jason Suae

Ouch, that actually hurt! Time to toughen things up then… This Masif number has a dark and dirty electro / hardance-style intro with all the beeps and bass that will have you grooving in the pants! I know Pulsie will be touching himself in the corner at this time… that’s when I’ll hit him with the melody!  

In Too Deep – Technoboy (Bass T and Rocco Remix)

By this time it’s usually way past Suae’s bed time after the dozen or so beers that I have fed him. I’ll be finishing off with this huge Technoboy remix by my favourite Euro trance producers. This tune will guarantee to get the crowd going ballistic and screaming for ‘one more’.

Heaven In Your Eyes – Jason Suae

I’ll have to finish this with one of my own puppies… a nice hardcore based melody with all the ‘hands in your pants’ goodness you have come to expect! If this ninja star doesn’t hit him in the pee pees than Ill just have to go oldskool and dak him on stage! Hahaha! Win!

WHO: Pulsar & Suae
WHAT: Play back-to-back at Sublime
WHEN: Friday 21 September