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Qantm Leap

Author: 3D
Thursday, 27 September 2007
Qantm is Australia’s leading private college for all things multimedia, graphic design and animation. 3D asked Qantm’s Michael Lee for an insight into their upcoming special event.

Qantm teaches Creative Digital Technology – what fields does that break down into, and what industries can students work in after-
Qantm college Sydney delivers one-year diplomas and two-year degrees in 3D animation, games programming, Interactive Media (Multimedia) and graphic design. Basically it prepares students for work in a vast range of fields, including the games industry, movie post-production, multimedia for web or mobile phones or DVD applications. Graphic designers can move into interface design, graphic design, website design, interface design.

“Study with Qantm for a day” gives school students the chance to try out a day of training in their chosen field – what are the classes on offer-
We are running three classes: multimedia, graphic design and 3D animation (games will be on offer as of next year). Study with Qantm is a great way to gauge your interest in the college and program by actually getting some hands-on training. (Basically if you like the day, cool – you know what you want to do. If you don’t like it, even better – you wont pick a course that you hate.)

Do you have to be a year 10 to 12 student to participate in the day-

Mature age students are very welcome to attend the day, we restrict it to grade 10 and above as there are some very complex things being taught, and also because the day is so popular we have to restrict it to people who are looking toward their future more.

What will students have at the end of the day-
By the end of the day the students will have a short rendered 3d clip they created themselves (animation), a small interactive flash package (multimedia) and a beautiful retouched photo using all elements of design and Photoshop filters and effects (graphic design).

Any advice for students if they’re thinking of coming along to check it out-
I would highly encourage it. It is better than an open day, as you can come down and try it out, rather than being sold a course by the marketing guy. That way, you know whether it is for you. Its also great to see what it would be like to be a Qantm student.

WHAT: Study With Qantm For A Day
WHEN: Saturday 6 October