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Ray Daniels - On The Rayzor's Edge

Author: Darryn King
Friday, 12 October 2007
Ray Daniel grew up in West Wyalong, a small country town with a population of about 4000 - but he had his sights set far beyond its borders. For Ray Daniel, it really does start here… 3D finds out more.

Tell us about the beginnings of Rayzor Records, back when it was a one-man operation. What was your first step-

I always wanted to record my own album, that’s how Rayzor Records began… I wanted to be in control of everything. The first step was a course in Sound Engineering - it wasn’t a career that I ever wanted but I needed the knowledge to build my own studio.
I built my studio and went to work on the tracks I’d written.

When did you decide you were ready to enlist some talent to perform on your tracks- How did you go about doing this-

From the beginning when I write a song I have the idea in my head of how I want it to be and the structure of it. It was really just a waiting game until I finished my studio and put down the tracks for the singers that I knew to do their part - a lot of them are mates from West Wyalong and the rest from Sydney and Bondi locals.

So how do you write and record your tracks-

The majority of the time I write a poem and put it to music. I hum the tune or melody that I want to the musicians that I work with (Gareth Huxham, Michael J. Fox, Aaron Worboy and Mathew Kratochvil), and they come up with a guitar piece, bass riff or keyboard melody to go along with it. I make a beat to the track and we work on it from there.

How would you describe your sound-
I really don’t know what genre to categorize my music in. It’s rap/rnb/rock all mixed together, I think you’d have to say its more pop then anything. Basically, any melody I hear that I like the sound of I’ll want to put a beat to it and add some lyrics. I like the use of samples and live instruments mixed together.

Would you say that growing up in West Wyalong has influenced your music, sonically or lyrically-
I’d have to say that growing up in West Wyalong has influenced my music in a more lyrical way then anything else. If you listen to the album (It Starts Here…) you will see that a lot of what I write is based on experiences in my life or people close to me. Most of the music I listened to growing up was Aussie rock (Jimmy Barnes, Johnny Diesel and John Farnham) - I guess that’s why I still like to keep the sound of live guitars.

WHAT: Rayzor Records launch at the Clarendon / It Starts Here… out through Rayzor Records
WHEN: Friday 19 October