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Remo-Con - Tokyo Techno

Author: Yumi Onishi
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Japanese technohead Remo-Con iscoming to Australiathis month, hitting Sydneyto play Sublime. Yumi Onishi had a chat to him find out a little more aboutthe producer/DJ.You’ve released major singles such as G-Sigh and Streams, and have become a well-recognised name around the world.What triggered your career as a dance music creator-I was astonishedby a record that I happened to have borrowed, which was a non-stop mix. I wasalso drawn in by the process of remixing.How did the name Remo-Con come about- I used a remotecontrol to operate a CD player, which was the very first DJ equipment that Ibought. [Laughs]How many songs do you think you’ve produced, andwhich is your favourite-If I includemusic that was made under a different name, it would be well over 150 [songs].But because I get bored easily, I don’t have a particular favourite. From where do you draw inspiration-[I] maintain anenvironment whereby I can laugh. I have a funny habit of laughing when hearinggreat music.Do you listen to dance music in your everyday life-No, I actuallydon’t listen to much music…In the interview with Yoji Biomehanika, I was toldthat a single demo tape with a letter of challenge was how he met with you…That’s right. Iread an article where by Yoji was quoted as saying “Japanese DJs are no good.They are all selector DJs and not a creator DJ”, and [I] became irritated! So Isent him my demo tape, which was G-Sigh,to let him know that there is a creator DJ out here!After releasing G-Sighand Streams on Hellhouse Recordings,how have your activities and daily lifestyle change- Things havechanged greatly, including my motivation to produce music. In terms of my dailylifestyle, I think I have become a lot more serious. How do you imagine the Australian club scene to belike- I have theimpression that the hard sounds are very popular over in Australia.What kind of performance and music selection can wesee at your tour-I will goaggressive!WHO: Remo-Con
WHAT: Plays Sublime at Home
WHEN: Friday 14 December