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Resin Dogs - Release The Hounds

Author: Peta Martin
Wednesday, 7 November 2007
They were supposed to release their third album in 2006… but didn’t. I guess the Resin Dogs ate their own homework. Still, every dog has his day, and the album is here at last. 3D’s Peta Martin barks up their tree.

Fans of funk-infused hip hop outfit Resin Dogs have been crying out for More for some time – literally: it’s the name of the awaited third album. There was a bit of a teaser with the promising Definition EP in early 2006 but the album itself didn’t eventuate. “We envisioned what we wanted,” Katch, one half of the duo, tells me, “but, in the timeframe we had to make it happen, it didn’t happen. We ended up having to work while we were on the road with Definition. We were back and forth and around the globe so we had a few new collaborations, did a bit of writing, had new ideas, songs went back and forth and it ended up being what you got now.” At the suggestion it was an unintentional delay that worked out well, Katch replies, “Shit happens sometimes and it happens for a reason I gather!”

Katch’s languid style belies the years of toil that have gone in to fine-tuning what is now a tight unit of two. Katch reveals the Resin Dogs are “at the moment myself and Dave Atkins”. Of the change in line-up he says, “Different people have different priorities. One has three daughters, he can’t be on the road and one of them wanted to do something else. Me and Dave are the core, we kicked it off and dragged people into it in the first place.”

There is a diversity on the new album that comes from a spirit of collaboration. “We have travelled overseas and stretched out; we are trying to bring a bit of that experience back here. It’s like having your own personal wishlist sometimes. We could have chosen anyone and just paid the money but we wanted to like the people we worked with; it’s on an underground tip. People ask, ‘Are you trying to bring American rap back here-’ – and we’re not. This album is just global. Hip hop is global.”

The impressive list of international collaborators includes the American Blue Rum13. “We knew of his work through DJ Vadim and while Dave was out in the UK he ran across him digging in a record store and just asked him to collaborate.” The fresh and arresting UK MC Yungun is also in the ranks. “I’ve known of his music for a while – I had a couple of his 12 inches and Brad [Baloo of the Next Men, also producer on More] said I can get Youngun on the album and he contacted him.” And local hip hop stalwarts Hau and N’FA hold their own alongside those from the northern hemisphere.

So where will these two dogs roam now that the album is out- “We’re touring in Australia at the moment we are going to do a run of shows, some will be DJ shows as 2 Dogs and some will be Resin Dogs because they’ll involve some of the album artists.” Dave and Katch also find time to run Hydro Funk and new sub label Hydro Punk. “We’ve got a few things coming with the labels like back catalogue things, Def Wish Cast and we now do a Brisbane band called Godnose on Hydro Punk.”

WHO: Resin Dogs
WHAT: More through Hydrofunk Records
WHEN: Out now