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Riot In Belgium - Riot In The House

Author: Darryn King
Friday, 14 December 2007
Bennie Single and Joel Dickson, as Riot In Belgium, are a couple of the new rave movement’s biggest players these days, though they’re adamant all they play is House music. After a hellish year of touring around the globe, the pair will finally settle down in 2008 to write an EP.  But between then and now, there are still a lot of Australian dates to get through. 3D’s Carlisle Rogers chats with Single.

Though renowned for their live show, the guys are sticking to DJ sets for now, after a crashed computer left them without material for Parklife earlier this year.

“We’ve decided to hold off on the live shows until we have an EP next year,” Single says, “so we have more new material to perform live. Now, we play with three CD players and then we have samples and loops we play over the top and then we just play a record each and then just play around and have fun with it really.

“We play a lot of remixes of our own original tracks alongside remixes people have done for us. We just got our Sinden and Rare Blood remixes back and they sound great. We’re playing a lot of Soulwax too.”

When Single and Dickson, no strangers to production after their other lives as one of the Bang Gang and an ex-Cut Copy member, respectively, get together to make music, Single says it often happens wherever they are, rather than in a traditional studio setting.

“We’re away so much, we end up working in hotels, airports and we can basically make it all on our laptop to a certain extent,” he says. “Then we’ll go into the studio if need be and use the old analogue equipment, but for the most part we just use our laptops. For some things we might have an idea for a bassline or an idea for a vocal and work with that, or other times we’ll just start with drums and go from there. It depends what the idea is really, we just start with one element and then move on from there and sometimes it turns out how you thought it would, other times it turns out completely different.

“Our music has undergone a natural evolution; I like all kinds of music so it’s not a case of liking one type and not liking another. Our music is just what happens when we work together. Our original material is basically dance music; it’s all house music. People say it is new rave, electro house, house and it’s all just house music isn’t it- I don’t think our stuff is distinctively minimal or anything whacked out, I think it is all dance music – it is fun, and we make music so people can dance in nightclubs. It is very electronic, it all stems from house music. House music is electro.”

WHO: Riot In Belgium
WHAT: Play Kill The Radio NYE at the Roxy
WHEN: Monday 31 December