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Rodney Hunter - Welcome To Hunterville

Author: Darryn King
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Rodney Hunter has been in the industry for 20 years,beginning as bassist of Austrian band Mordbuben Ag before finding his callingas a funk soloist. 3D’s Darryn King jumpedaboard the a-train to have a chat. It ’s a cliché in the biz that the second album isalways the hardest. Did you feel that the experience was more difficult or verydifferent to making your first album-Not really.When I finished my last album I already knew in which direction I wanted toprogress – during a two-year production phase you always discover new tricksand ideas. I noticed that the last songs that I wrote for the last album allwere going far more in the song direction so basically when Hunter Files was mixed and donewith, I already had a concept of how I wanted my new album to sound. Your second album is Hunterville – if Hunterville was an actual city, what it would belike-Huntervillewould be the hottest spot on this planet. Probably the first city in the worldwith surround sound and wireless LAN, studio 1 to studio 54 and all of it onone street! Can you pinpoint one single artist who has thebiggest musical influence on you and your sound on Hunterville-Quincy Jones – but not as a songwriter or musicalinfluence. Quincy Jones for me is the greatest producer and arranger of alltime. The way he could make a long-player stay in your head, making you wantingto hear it over and over again, and all that only by playing around with thearrangements and having a complete overview. It doesn’t matter if it’s jazzmaterial, funk, hip hop or Michael Jackson, you can tell that this man with hisideas has a total feeling for music; his skills are above all trends – that’swhy I like him. Sound-wise I am in my own world; I don’t need much inspirationfor that, but when it comes to making 63 minutes of funk…you can call meQuincy! What’s next for you-I’m gettingready for my tour, which starts in January. I will be on the road for twomonths. After that I am going straight back to my studio. You know, working onmy greatest musical achievement. WHO: Rodney Hunter
WHAT: Hunterville throughG-Stone/Creative Vibes
WHEN: Out now