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Rollin' With Revel8

Author: Darryn King
Thursday, 13 September 2007
Brisbane’s Revel8 - the guy whose name looks like a personalised number plate - has switched lanes. He left a gig as a funk drummer for a career in hip hop. 3D’s Darryn King hit the road and found out what he’s driving at.

Is it true you were originally part of an alternative funk outfit, but got kicked out when you forgot your kit one day-
Ha ha, no actually I didn't get the boot because I forgot my kit, it was because I was trying to take over the band… allegedly... followed by the state and eventually the universe. Looking back that was a great day!

You spent a lot of time just penning your own rhymes before you finally decided to get out there and perform - how did you finally make your move and get serious about your game-
A friend of mine literally forced me to get up at an open mic night in the Valley one time, it was pretty intimidating but after that I would just turn up to as many freestyle or open mic nights as I could find. I think that's how a lot of upcoming artists do it as it's pretty hard to line up gigs as an unknown, especially in Bris where the scene is still in its foundational stages.

You're still relatively new in the industry, so who do you look up to in the music scene at the moment-
I really think the guys from Elefant Traks (Urthboy, The Herd, Hermitude etc.) have a good attitude, work ethic and subject matter.

You were working on your album Rollin' With The Punches for some time - how would you describe the sound and are you satisfied with the result-
I would describe it as clean and fresh. I think every artist has things they would like to change or would have done differently, particularly on their first album, usually due to financial and time constraints. But having said that I'm very happy with the end result.

Can you choose one of the tracks off the album and tell us the story behind it-
Probably the track Nothing has the most interesting storyline, I wrote it in an hour on the last night in the studio. The week before I had got arrested for something that I didn't actually do… Well I was technically an accessory, but that was only the prosecutor's perspective. And the judge’s.It wasn't anything real bad though.

We believe you… What's next for Revel8 in 2007 and beyond-

Gigs, gigs ’n’ more gigs. After that we're gonna play some shows, tour and do more gigs.

WHO: Revel8
WHAT: Rollin' with the Punches out through Grandview / MGM Green
WHEN: Out now