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Ron Carroll - Yes, Minister

Author: Angus Thompson
Thursday, 20 September 2007
Chicago house legend Ron Carroll (aka “the Minister of House”) touches down in Australia this week. 3D’s Angus Thompson threw him a few questions.

You started your career in Chicago in the early ’80s when house music was in its very early years. Do you consider yourself one of the pioneers of house music-
Well, for me that’s a really bold title to take on, because growing up, there are people who influenced me that are the true pioneers of the house sound. Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Lil’ Louis, Farley Jackmaster Funk. So the answer from me would be no – I’m just a part of the legacy.

What is the house music scene like in Chicago in 2007, is it still going strong-
It is definitely finding itself again. Nowadays people are really getting back into the house sound and I’m loving it. There are events like BMC Presents, Boom Boom Room, I’m Lovin’ It Wednesdays and Rhonda Flowers, The Way We Were and The Attic events for the more urban crowd. These events are reshaping the house vibe in Chicago, and it is really going strong.

You’re a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ.  Which of these do you believe you do best, or which do you focus on the most-
I get asked this question a lot. My attitude towards this is very simple; I am an entertainer and I love every part of my performance that I have to do to satisfy, and to spread my music to the masses.

Your MySpace also mentions a side career as an exotic dancer – tell us about that…
LOL. This is a joke that I put up there to see what kind of response I would get from people, and it has always been a funny one. I only exotic dance for the ladies, you know, for those who like a big teddy bear like me.

Of all of your many achievements, whether side projects, writing or on the production front, what are you most proud of-
I am really proud of this new album that I have done, because it is truly me in every sense of the word. I had so much fun doing it, and I know that it is something that will touch people the same way.

How would you describe your new album, Electric Lover-  Is it in a similar style to your previous work, or is it something a little different-
It’s all the way different. I’m doing something that I have wanted to do for along time, and for some people, it will shock them, and for other’s it will delight them.

WHO: Ron Carroll
WHAT: Plays SHE at Industrie
WHEN: Saturday 29 September